Money And Matters

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When we think of about money, we always remember what the popular saying goes 'Money is a root of all evil.'

Life without money is poor and pocket empty is broke, society without profit is downturn.

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What is the rule of money to everyone?

Even yourself can tell, what is money matters to you.

And if I will myself define, money has no rule of responsibility to me but myself have.

If just a money alone, it has no value but, if I will spend it, then I will know whats the worth.

Money, for everyone has a different matters, and different value, save and spend it wisely, because always remember the moment you spend your money, the moment you know the worth.

Looking around you, to the world, money is a first and important neccessities, that the human needs, and if you have alot of money, then you be called, powerful and most influence.

Money defines your life status based on financial stability, but it doesnt defined your personality.

So many people have a lot of money but, they are not happy, there are some pennyless but they can manage to smile, because they are happy, for them money is just in the background.

Wether we accept it or not, we are all in needs of money, to fulfill our desire in life, involving money, and money can paint a smile to those unable.

Money on the other hand can make life things easier, let the money generate it, but dont let your money ruin your life.

Without money revolving society and people is not profitable.

We are using money for buying our basic needs, business expanded, when the money growth, economy survived, when the market has a stable green pastures, and everything will be fine.

Money has something in the minds of every people and the money most of the time is a hot topic in every situation where in their is a money involve.

Society Views

Society set as an example of defination, of a money value, stockmarket stabilize, money roll out and profiting, the pillar of economy growth and survival.


As a community, a people as a whole, money is significant it has a financial importance to us as a human, in life we are nothing without money and that is matters, as I've said earlier, money is how you value and defined it after you spending it.

'Money is a root of all evil.'

To be honest I don't believed this sayings,because, money value and status only define, after we spend, so if we spend our money wisely, and only what is need and worth spending then its well spent.

But if you spend in lavishly, then its up to you, what is the definition and value of money in your life.

Money is always a hot issues, because money catches someone else interest, and money is a temptation to some, and sometimes money is the reason why someone's fighting and someone else striving.

Everyone has an urge and a plans about money, some are good and some are not worthy but, whatever it, is dont let money defined you personality.

Money is just a money in the since that only it gets value after you moves it.

If you are financially stable think of it, value your money and let it spend wisely, and it happens that you are financially burden, dont let the urgency for money chain you up.

Look in every angle that money only has a value after you spend it.

It's always happen to us... as a human, we have all a rational thinking about money, yes we do and we does. We are all in one intentions about having a money and having a life that is full of money.

We walk up in the same dreams and visions, and striving hard for the sake of money.

Some gamble their life for this matter and seeking fortune for money, so straight forward for digging the goal of their pathways for money until they realized they, hardly find it, be easy strive well but dont forget to take a break, it wont slipt through, hard earned money in a nice way is always the best option.

Happiness in your money is temporary as it is just a material things that can top up happiness for a while but not for a lifetime.

Money has two sides, value it and dont let the both sides spoil you, ruined your relationship to anyone and drag you to the point that your only choice is to give up.

Don't let the money overshadowed you, and used you, change you or ruin you.

Think it twice fellas.

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Money is controlling whole world. Why won't it? It has the power of manipulation every things. But yeah i do believe money is not happiness at all time.

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1 year ago

Both money and happiness are temporary. We should never break our heads when we miss either one of the two or both.

BTW, did you see my post on Valentine?

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1 year ago