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Trust and its greatest Enemies: Unfaithfulness and Lies.

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Where you and what are you doing? Why did you not pick my call? Who was the girl I saw you with? Why did you lie to me?

These are some of the questions that come out of the mouth of a partner whose level of trust has been seriously damaged. It may sound less important to the person to who these questions are directed to but to the one who is asking them, it is more important and it determines how healthy a relationship is. Have you ever been asked such questions? If your answer is yes, then this article and its content are for you. Mind you, the way you handle these situations will also tell if you will be able to enjoy a high level of love, peace and trust in your relationship. Looking at the caption of this article, you will understand that the bedrock of every relationship is trust. What this means is that once this foundation is broken or if the relationship is not built or hinged on trust then, such a relationship is bound to collapse.


Who is an enemy?

Most times we do not understand that we can be our enemies with our attitudes towards others. This has become the greatest challenge of man from time immemorial. What we do and how we live our lives is so important, this is the reason why you must be careful with how you relate with others especially when it has to do with the things of love. Can you be able to watch your partner live the same life you are living without you feeling uncomfortable?  I am always eager to know how I will feel if someone should treat me the way I treat them, this is why I have always tried very hard to do the right thing at all times. I understand that no one is perfect but we can always work towards perfection if we want to experience a better relationship with others.


The enemies of Trust

This is the time to be more attentive because a lot of relationships have neglected this vital part and this led to a total collapse of such relationship. What are the enemies of Trust? I bet you know more than I do that trust is a fragile thing which once broken, may never be repaired again. Most times we play with the trust others have in us by acting or behaving in a way that suggests that we do not understand the role of trust in a relationship. This leaves to ask this question; what is the role of trust in a relationship? To some, trust is just a five-letter word that is overemphasized while to others, it is something that can always be rebuilt which is why this set of person’s play with it always. Now, there is this set of person’s who understand that trust is as important as love in a relationship and always in human life. It is not just about romantic relationships, it cuts across everything a person does because people may not freely relate with you or feel comfortable enough to go into any business with you if they not trust you. These great enemies are; unfaithfulness and lies.



I remember watching the movie titled unfaithful back in the days and in that movie I learnt about the side causes of unfaithfulness and its resultant effects. In the movie, I noticed that the man was so busy with work trying to make ends meet and this made him neglect the basic needs of his wife. Now, this is not a way to gratify any form of unfaithfulness but, I will have to advise you both the man and the woman in a relationship to carefully try and understand the basic needs of each other. It does not end in understanding them, it also requires a careful approach towards fulfilling them at all times. As a man, do not give your partner the impression that you value your paycheck more than her emotional needs. Being in a relationship is not just about providing material things for the partner it goes beyond it and once there is a form of negligence from any of the partners, then unfaithfulness will become the order of the day.


Let me ask you this question; have you ever felt like cheating on your partner? Most times it comes just like a mere feeling which can develop into something dangerous if neglected. We can only have a very wonderful relationship if we concentrate more on those emotional needs of each other because it is what matters most.



This is the greatest enemy of trust and everyone who intends to have a smooth relationship must try to defeat this enemy called a lie. It may interest you to know that a lot of people have lost their soul mate because they lived a lie in their relationship. One thing you must know is once a relationship is based on lies, trust will run very far away from it. It does not matter how much concentration you give to your partner, as long as there exist lies, the relationship is bound to collapse. One wicked thing about lying is that once you lie about something, you will find out that you must have lied again to cover up the lie you have already lied to. I will say lying has a chain reaction method this is why we must try not to live a lie irrespective of how and what the circumstances are. Remember that telling a lie lives you with a stigma that will make others always run away from you instead of coming closer to you. There is nothing to justify lies with even if the truth will take someone’s life, it will be better to tell it because that is what makes you an honourable person. It may sound funny but that is what it is and will always be.

Make sure not to allow unfaithfulness and lies to lay a foundation in your relationship with others because if that happens, then you would have lost your hold on Trust which is the bedrock of every human relationship.

A word is enough for the wise.


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Written by   204
1 year ago
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