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Stop going to where you are looking at rather look at where you are going to.

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1 month ago

Kelvin left the house in a hurry because he was already running late to work but as he was approaching the junction where he is meant to board a bus going to his office, he noticed the little crowd gathered by the side of the road. Immediately his attention was taken away from where he was headed as he was seen trying to know what was going on and why the crowd was gathering by the roadside. Mind you, while he was doing that, he was still working but this time around, he was no longer looking at where he was going to rather his focus was now fixed on where he was looking at and before he could say jack, a car knocked him from behind sending up in the sky as he crashes amidst shouts and groans of serious pain. Everyone who saw what happened blamed Kelvin for the accident because they all saw how instead of him looking at where he was going, he chose to go to where he was looking at.


This is a little exegesis to explain more about what it means for one to look at where he is going rather than going to where he is looking at. I believe that a lot of us are already trying to balance the two statements because it looks as though they are the same. Let me outline the two statements in a way to make it more clear for us.

·        Look at where you are going.

·        Go to where you are looking at.

The very question I would ask you at this point is; which of the two statements would you choose? It may seem a little difficult to you right now but I would want you to look go through the story I narrated above in the first paragraph. This is because, the story tells it all but for the sake of clarity, I would delve into more explanations. Please, feel free to follow me on this ride. 

What comes first?

It is no longer a hidden fact that the act of walking is an understanding between the eyes and the legs. Do you disagree with this fact? Well, I will allow you to ponder on this question while I continue on this journey of clarity but I want you to understand that by the end of this post, you would have gotten a better understanding of the fact i.e. the eyes and the legs. Let us look at a human being. You will bear witness to what I am saying at this point because I believe you also experience it as a human. When you are standing at a particular place and you want to take a step either left or right, back or front, do you care to look before taking that step or do you just take the step without looking?


The human body is wired in a way that the eyes serve as the beacon of the body at all times that is why a person with impaired vision requires a helping hand or a walking aid. The question you must ask at this time is; what will happen if I do not look before I take a step? One thing is certain in this scenario you will either end up like Kelvin or may even suffer more than him. This is the time when you hear people shouting at someone who was knocked down by a car even as he is groaning in serious pain. Having said this, I believe you have a better understanding of what it means for someone to look at where he is going instead of going to where he is looking at.

Have a clear vision and focus

Many times in life we find ourselves battling with some form of setback or challenges which we may have tried so hard to conquer but it has become so unconquerable. This is because most times we lose focus at the slightest distraction we face. How can you serve two masters at the same time? If you wake up in the morning and make a decision to go to work and instead of working towards that goal you derail by making a stop at the cinema house, what do you think will be your story at the end of the day? This is where focus comes into play. Having a clear vision is not all that is needed in life for one to achieve his set goals. Focus is as important as a vision if not more important. This is because when a man’s focus is taking away from the set goal, he will end up working but not walking in the right direction.

Let us bring it closer

As those who have found themselves in the world of blogging, how focused are you? This is one of the biggest questions you must ask yourself at all times if you wish to do better every day. Instead of feeling intimidated when you see another person’s post getting tipped more than yours, you can channel that energy into a source of encouragement and a means to push yourself to do more and better than you have done. The problem is that most times we do not understand that having focus deals a lot with appreciating the good works of others and by so doing we will end up building on the same momentum which will gradually stir us towards the desired goal.


If I ask you to choose from the two statements;

·        Looking at where you are going to and

·        Going to where you are looking at.

Which of them would you choose at this moment? In as much as your eyes are the beacon of your body, you should not forget that you are also in control of what your eyes see or look at. Therefore when next you are walking or you set out a goal to achieve, do not allow anything to derail you either physically or otherwise. Always see every opportunity as your only chance towards greatness by so doing you will always give it your best. I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you.

Thank you for your time in my blog world today.

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Written by   153
1 month ago
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Focus and Vision are of different thing. While we can liken Focus to be your legs, the Vision would be your eyes. Both leg and eyes cannot work together except they agree together. When you have vision for something, it is expedient you focus to keep going so that at the end, you will end up succeeding.

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1 month ago

That is true.... Once they don't agree, we are bound to go astray from the path that leads to our goal in life.

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1 month ago

i think there are times that I'm doing it too... both scenario lol

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1 month ago

We just have to try and do it right at all times to avoid derailing on our path.

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1 month ago

I'd like to think that I am at least doing both, lol! The second might sound dangerous, but the amount of time spent looking at it while going toward it must be, shall I say, taken into consideration.

Kidding aside, it's okay to get distracted from time to time, but just don't allow it to take us away from what we really want to accomplish.

As to blogging here, I also like to believe that I am doing what I want unmindful of what the outcome will be, just as long as I do it from the heart and not anyone dictating it for me :D

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1 month ago

Yeah that the spirit. Not letting anyone or anything dictate how you go about your goal as long as you know that you are on the right track.

It is not bad to get a little distracted but losing control of the situation is what makes it worse. Thank you for stopping by.

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1 month ago

Yes, you said it well, clear and loud :) Was a pleasure, thanks too :)

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1 month ago