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Some people prefer hot food to cold food while some others prefer white colour to black colour.

There are a lot of others who prefer football to movies and some others who prefer fat girls to slim girls. I have seen guys who prefer to drink water over alcohol and a lot of girls who prefer to go clubbing over going to church.

In any category, you may find yourself in life, one thing is evident and that thing is in life, there are preferences and choices to make in all we do.

For instance, some homes will prefer to have a male domestic worker over a female domestic worker while some others will not want any domestic worker at all.

There have been cases where a female domestic worker became the madam of the house replacing the wife. There have also been cases where the woman of the house turns the male domestic worker into her sex toy due to the husband's regular absence caused by his numerous business engagements.

A lot of stories have emanated from the use of domestic workers and this has made it very impossible for so many homes to employ any domestic worker be it male or female.

So today I want to ask you, would you employ a domestic worker in your home and if yes, would you prefer a male or a female domestic worker?

And if you already have a domestic worker in your house be it male or female, how has his/her service been like?

Let me see your responses in the comment section. Don't forget that we learn from other peoples experience so your response today may save a home from trouble.

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