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know your worth

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5 months ago

You will never know how good you are if you keep on focusing on how bad you are "

If you want to live a happy, self-contented, and successful life don't ever compare yourself to others. Be comfortable with yourself, being comfortable with yourself is about accepting who you are. When you accept yourself, you start to see the worth in you and it is your self-worth that brings self-confidence. On the other hand of you compare yourself with others then you will look at things which you are lacking that will low your self-esteem. If you look deep into nature In this world every person has a different purpose and different destination even we have different fingerprints. You are a completely different person with a different mindset, perspective, destination, and hence life. One path can not lead to a single destination you have to choose your own. You have to be you because no one else can take your place you have your role to play in this world so stay focus, stay unique, pay gratitude and enjoy the life that is designed for you, which you own.

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It is absolutely true, now a days in the world of technology and the impact of social media to people sometimes they could not avoid to compare each other, there are some disadvantages. People are more opinionated and more vocal to what they believe in. Life could be more easier and happier if we are free from jealosy and high self esteem and thinking positive towards the people around. 😊

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5 months ago