Steps to Prosperity #10 - Gratitude

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3 years ago

Gratitude is the most powerful weapon your opponent (mind) cannot defend against!

Allowing yourself to manifest/achieve/get what you desire is as easy as breathing, however, when a person becomes obsessed with their breathing – engaging the mind to get involved – they can develop breathing disorders.

This is what happens when you focus inward too much and allow the mind to run the show.

Anytime we give too much thought to anything by inviting thought into the equation, it is very easy to pervert the entire process.

Therefore; NEVER MIND!

The name of the game is to get out of your mind and to leave your mind out of it.

When you begin to build a daily habit of allowing prosperity, it is wise to start by becoming aware. Notice how the natural instinct is for you to engage your mind for an answer it doesn’t have.

When you engage in this "mental chatter" process, you are engaging what is called the "little man".

Again, you were given God-like power and you are made in the image and likeness of God.

You are so powerful that you can enslave yourself!

The proper use of the mind is to remember the good times and be grateful. If you begin your day with a gratitude ceremony and end your night with a gratitude recap; you are making a proper use of the mind’s resources.

Anything you celebrate will be increased in your life! When you give "thanks" for what you are given, you attract more to be thankful for.

"Worship is the correction of focus." Dr. Mike Murdock

The only way you can fail in life is to permit your focus to become broken!


01) The ABC Break process

02) Speak Only of What You Desire

03) Never Mind

04) Gratitude

The only thing God ever did was speak! (For example: "Let there be light" & "Let the weak SAY "I am strong"!")

When you surrender in a state of allowing prosperity, you are open to receive and hear! A sudden insight can cause a spontaneous healing; a windfall of cash; or any other necessary thing you need. Remaining in the state of allowing, you will receive the right answer at the right time.

Usually, it’s not a moment sooner. That’s why it is important that you don’t miss your opportunity. You miss the opportunity when you are "lost in your mind" and living in the past or future!

After you have done the ABC Break process, you do not require engagement with your mind for most of what you’ll be doing, unless you are studying or recalling information stored in your mind, it has nothing else to offer you. Your mind does not have the solution to the problems it creates.

The proper shift is to go from worry to gratitude!

Gratitude is the ultimate form of worship. With it, your focus is always in the right place! 

Make a gratitude journal and write down at least a couple dozen things you are grateful for daily.

Begin focusing on this list and give thanks for a few minutes every morning and again before you go to sleep. Giving thanks, each morning and every evening is the equivalent of taking steroids before you try and reach new strength records at the gym – it’s an unfair advantage. If you only knew how powerful gratitude is… You truly are disarmed without a heart filled with gratitude!

In my experience, gratitude is the one thing that demoralizes your opponent; it puts the mind into total submission. Its kryptonite or coffin-nails to the resistance that the mind tosses in your path to success.

With gratitude, anything is possible. Without gratitude? Nothing!

Remember: you are the only person capable of making the actual changes. Information is useless until you apply it!

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