A New Start to the Moon

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11 months ago

Well.. when the world have opened your opportunities to increase the gains, you do it all for use the tools.

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Actualy the way to work for many woman change. The normal job was in a office, with a boss -nice or not- and bit gains for 8 hours. But, now we have many ways to earn money, it all depends on our creativity and desire to try new things.

It doesn't matter if you have complicated or simple tools, just matters that you find a way to do it. Sometimes is than complicated as a big computer with the best components, but other times just need a mobile phone or a old computer with internet connection.

The world of cryptocurrencies is being incorporated into our lives, from the simplest things to the most complicated, they are a new way of experiencing profits and losses today. For example, today I'm a woman who lives in Venezuela, being my native language Spanish and despite that have learned English by myself in social networks, as a method to expand my horizons, improve my earnings and acquire more knowledge. Therefore, if I have any grammatical errors in this post, I apologize.


The responsibilities that I have had to assume in the course of my life have limited my possibilities of pursuing formal studies, especially, it has been difficult to study at the university.

In compensation for this, I have always found a way to acquire knowledge in any way that life offers me.

From each job where I have been, gained experience in many areas, from administrative processes to ways of handling conflicting clients or how to organize events for highly engaged companies.

I just try not to limit my learning to what a boss or company wants me to learn, but I always go one step further.

And, in this time read.cash is a new opportunity to increase my gains and share my words.


Tks for read my first post in this plataform ;-)

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