Meet the mighty Behemoth

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"BEHEMOTH" is the name of an animal in a register that has been preserved from repeated copies and copies for about 3,500 years. The term probably means "huge animal". What creature is big enough to deserve the old name "Behemoth"? It is a thick-skinned, almost hairless mammal called a hippopotamus. This "giant" is the hippopotamus, which corresponds to the description of this creature in the biblical book of Job.

Part of the old description says "Green grass that eats like a bull." His legs are copper pipes; Their strong legs are like wrought iron bars. Under the thorny lotus flowers, it is found in the hidden place of reeds and in the swampy place. The thorny lotus flowers keep you blocked by your shadow; The poplars in the river valley surround it. If the river acts violently, do not panic. He's safe even if Jordan blows his mouth.

The hippopotamus feeds on vegetation "like the bull." More than 90 pounds of freshwater plants, grasses, reeds and other plants enter the stomach every day. With a capacity of 40 or 50 liters, the hippopotamus' stomach is perfectly capable of handling all these foods.

When this animal is fully grown, it can be between four and four meters long. A captured male hippopotamus weighed 8,960 pounds. It seems almost impossible that the short legs of this animal can carry all that weight. However, the bone bones are solid as "copper tubes". Despite its ugly and airy appearance, the hippopotamus is not just a lot of fat. On the other hand, a lot of your weight is made up of muscle. In both cases, the animal is too heavy to stop its movements. It can surpass a man.

The hippopotamus' head is without a doubt the most remarkable feature. In an adult animal, the head can weigh up to a ton. Looking into the mouth, which can extend up to three or four meters, is a bit like looking into a pink cave. Change and lower dogs stand out. They are about two meters long and can weigh about two and a half pounds each. A single piece in the powerful jaws is enough to penetrate a crocodile's solid armor.

The hippopotamus is well adapted to its life in water and on land. The skin, especially the stomach, is very tough. Therefore, the animal has no problem handling bumps and scratches when its low body hits large rocks in the river bed. The special pores in the skin secrete a thick oily substance that turns pink in the sun. This substance keeps the skin moist and supple after prolonged exposure to air. While the animal is underwater, the excrement itself can act as a protective layer. The hippopotamus' eyes are at the top of the head and the nostrils are at the end of the nose. This arrangement allows the creature to see and breathe, as it is almost completely submerged. When the hippopotamus dives, the ears and nostrils close.

Hippos are often seen in the "hidden place of reeds" and spend most of the day in the water. A herd of twenty or thirty of these giant creatures can be located simultaneously. Like large animals, as the Bible says, they do not panic in the event of a flood. With part of their head out of the water, they can swim against the current. You can even go underwater. Animal Kingdom work says the hippopotamus "can run across the bottom of a lake at 13 km / h."

The mighty Behemoth is definitely an impressive creature. Behemoth, in its own way, silently testifies to the existence of an almighty Creator.

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It’s a huge creature

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