God's law "eye for an eye",was it unduly and too Harsh?

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In God's law in ancient Israel, he commanded, "In the event that a charming witness of violence against a man rises up to accuse rebellion against him." . . The judges must make a thorough investigation. If the witness is a false witness and has made a false accusation against his brother, he must also do what he intended to do with his brother. . . Those who stay will listen and be afraid and will never do anything so bad to each other again. And your eye will not complain: the soul will be for the soul, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. "Deuteronomy 19: 16-21.

Who knew that this law (called lex talionis, "penal law" or punishment) was too strict? What hatred or harsh conspiracy would there be in the heart of a man who gave such a false testimony? A punishment equal to that which he would try to impose on his neighbor would have been entirely justified and would no doubt have deterred perjury from the courts of the country.

This order is expressed three times in the law given to the ancient Israelites. In Leviticus 24: 17-20 we read: “If a man kills a man's soul, he must be put to death. . . And if a man blames his partner, he must treat him as he did. Fracture after fracture, one eye for one eye, one tooth for one tooth; The same type of stain that can cause in humans should be produced in them.

Also in this case, a similar attitude manifests itself from the perpetrator: an intentional act of murder or mutilation or injury of a similar person. Why can we say "intentionally"? Because murder (someone accidentally killed someone) could be merciful, "Cities of Refuge" was offered as a refuge when the murder was an accident.

For the third time, the phrase appears in Exodus 21: 22-25, where we read: "If men really fight and hurt a pregnant woman." . . When a fatal accident occurs, you must give soul for soul, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, mark for ground, wound after wound, blow for blow.

In that case, the sanctity of life was emphasized again. Two or more lives were involved: the woman and her son or child. The man who was not her husband pressured or hit her hard. There was great contempt for life here, and the husband could beat his wife with a cruel desire to harm her husband. If the woman, her children or both died or were seriously injured, the man would receive the prescribed sentence. But even in these cases, as in other cases, the circumstances, the level of advice, etc. They were taken into account before the judges executed the decision "tit for tat". - See Exodus 21: 28-30.

But the phrase "an eye for an eye", even if it is part of the law union, does not in any way express the prevailing spirit of that law. The first and most important commandment to which the whole law is attached includes love - to God and to others.Should we assume that God loves less than his people commanded? In some cases, the law "tit for tat" has been applied. But if we say that God was strict in enforcing this law, we can say that any law that requires punishment for a crime is difficult.

If we really want to know God's attitude, we can also examine his relationship with Israel. Again and again the Israelites despised, rebuked and spoke against his law, and when they were in a difficult situation, they called on him and he saved them. In recent years in the northern kingdom of Samaria, the situation has become so difficult that the prophet Hosea described it as follows: “I am. . . Fraud, murder and robbery and outbreaks of adultery broke out and the bloodshed concerned more bloodshed.But God did not destroy them all and did not reject them at that time, but instead sent his prophet to warn them and give them a chance to change course.

The best example of Jehovah God's love, however, is shown by the apostle Paul, who told Christians: “God commends his own love for us in that Christ died for us when we were sinners. . . . For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through his Son, now that we have been reconciled, we will be saved with his life. "

We now know that Jehovah God and Jesus Christ have shown unprecedented kindness in providing a way for people to be delivered from very serious sins. Before the Christian Paul became a Christian, he was involved in the murder of Christians. Paul wrote with gratitude: “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Of these, I am the most important. The reason I have shown mercy is that Jesus Christ was able to show all of His patience by choosing those who will believe in Him forever. "- 1 Tim. 1:15, 16.

If anyone thinks that God has been unfair in giving this legislation, he should be aware that God has been very hard on himself when it comes to saving mankind. How was it

Adam, the ancestor of mankind, deliberately opposed God. That way he knew he would be under God's unfavorable judgment: the punishment was death. Because of this, he was unable to confer righteousness on his children, and so he passed on an inheritance of death to his kidneys, but to unborn children. - the gypsies. 5:12.

Although all-powerful, he followed his “soul for life” law to help mankind. It is only through a perfect human life that judgment against humanity can be balanced and righteousness can be maintained in the universal government of God. God chose his only begotten Son ready to make this sacrifice and to work with the acquired human race for the benefit of all. those who wanted to be obedient. Jesus Christ can become for them the “Eternal Father”.

The benevolent and merciful behavior of God is evident in his actions when he gave his Son to mankind, thus maintaining righteousness for its ruler, of whom the Bible says, “Your kingdom is based on righteousness and righteousness. (Ps. 89:14, current English version) Jehovah's personality and his relationship with mankind are not hard, but full of love, compassion and yet righteous. Therefore, the “eye for an eye” law can be viewed as a righteous law which only applies when there is an absolute need to do justice and applies only to those who fully deserve the punishment.

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