Fear has its place

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Anxiety can be both beneficial and harmful. Unhealthy anxiety can cause indigestion, blood pressure problems and other serious physical ailments. In fact, it can be fatal. Throughout life, there is nothing more destructive to happiness and longevity than fear. A healthy fear, on the other hand, can save lives and prevent a person from acting in dangerous and ruthless ways.

Yes, like other strong emotions, fear has its place. What place is this? What makes fear good or bad? The Bible is a great help in determining the answers.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” says Proverbs 9:10. Expressing this inherent fear, the Bible says: "Jehovah's fear means hatred of wickedness." This hatred is not based on human standards of evil, but on the standards of God in his word.

The "fear of the Lord" is therefore a healthy and beneficial fear. As creators, Jehovah God knows what is best for mankind. As a loving God, he established moral standards that promote the well-being of those who follow them. The famous English lawyer Blackstone acknowledged this fact and said: "God has linked the law of eternal justice so closely to every individual's happiness that happiness can only be achieved by following God's law. ;; And when God's law it is only in time then it only A healthy fear of God is truly the beginning of wisdom, as it leads you to act in ways that contribute to the joy of a meaningful and happy life.

God's servants are warned: "The past time is sufficient to fulfill the will of the nations, if he acted on the basis of conduct, lust, abundance of wine, joy. Wow." (1 Peter 4: 3) Those who hear these words really benefit from having a healthy fear of God.

You avoid the embarrassment, injury and anxiety that comes from drinking too much alcohol. In the United States alone, alcohol abuse is involved in one million serious traffic accidents, a quarter of all suicides and half of all homicides each year. Thousands of people die each year from diseases caused or exacerbated by excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse is responsible for reducing the average life expectancy of people by about 12 years. Avoiding alcohol abuse can give a devoted person life for several years.

Regarding morality, the Bible recommends: “Refrain from fornication; . . . Each of you should know how to own your own vessel in sanctification and glory, not with a greedy sexual appetite as in nations that do not know God. Do not let anyone violate and violate your brother's rights in this matter. "- 1 Thess. 4: 3-6.

How different things would be in the world if more people in this area of ​​life had a healthy fear of God! Think about the mental and emotional pain that can be avoided. Cases of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, abortions and destroyed homes would indeed be rarer than they are today. Even those who tolerate marital infidelity must realize that serious problems can arise. A senior science journalist in the United States wrote: “If you decide to engage in extramarital affairs, remember to be very careful with any decision to tell your spouse. No matter how sophisticated you think of your spouse, no matter how many times you have discussed the matter abstractly and said it does not matter, most experts agree that it does in almost every case. ""

Another benefit to those who fear Jehovah God is that he has a good conscience. You do not have to worry about their behavior being exposed, disgusting or causing other serious problems.

The Creator's true fear also eliminates what is generally considered to be the greatest unhealthy fear: a morbid fear of death, especially violent death. This fear of death was a tool used by ruthless men to control many people. Out of fear of torture or execution, many men and women went against their conscience and followed the instructions of dictatorial superiors to commit horrific atrocities against their fellow men.

This was not the case with pious people. They know that life today is not all there is. Although people can kill them, they do not doubt the promise of God's resurrection. Therefore, they act according to the words of Jesus Christ: “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and can no longer do anything. But I will tell you who to fear: the fear which, after having killed, has the power to throw itself into Geena, "that is to say a symbolic place which represents total annihilation.

Death is not uncertain when it comes to those who truly fear God. The Bible says, “Your spirit goes out, returns to its land; On this day, your thoughts disappear. “Death is therefore simply a state of inactivity and total unconsciousness, a dream from which one can wake up.

Therefore, it is believed that a thorough knowledge of the Bible will help to free a person from many harmful fears. Interestingly, doctors recognize that the greatest fear is caused by a lack of knowledge.

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