The New Years Revolution ..

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2 years ago
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Hello everyone, it's Dangerous_Fly once again.

I present to you some thoughts to ponder on them when you are alone , free or when you decide to and as well some answers to then myself.

Though 1 : In every new year we make a lot of plans for the year and try to make it happen but I'd like to ask , are you the one who makes the decisions or God ?

My thought : Making plans in every year is something that must be done since even failing to plan is planning to fail but for our plans to pull through we have to put God first because he knows what will happen and knows what is best for us. I personally think we should avoid the prayer of God do this for me, do that for me and so on but rather pray in this way," Thank you Lord for how far you have brought me , I pray and I ask that you let your wills be done in our lives this coming year but please consider our heart desires ". For he already knows what you want even before you ask.

Thought 2 : Everyone wants to be successful in this year, everywhere you see people posting , money on my mind , we are making it this year and so on but they still continue doing it , are they really gonna make it?

My thought : To make it in life is a systematic process and it doesn't just take one day to do that for those who think they will make it doing what they used to do before are making a big mistake . To change something in your life , you got to change somethings you do and as such for them to be successful, they have to have a change of.mind , actions, skillets and a wholeot and as well manage time and resource effectively.

Thank you for your time , this might be too short but I promise to bring the next part soon.

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