Socialization.Vol. 1

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Socialization is one of the words that are mostly used by a whole lot of people. Many do use them anyhow.and I can bet you that some of us use it just for using sake without understanding the real meaning of it.

Now adays when we ask people what are some of the importance of sporting activities for it being inter-school sport competitions or whatever , they sometimes end up saying socialisation as part of the importance of which is not wrong. When asked to explain what that means they end up saying we see new peoe we reakte with and talk to so that is socialisation, which is totally wrong.

Socialisation is the conscious effort by the older generation to keep on with our way of life and way of doing some things present in all generations. Meaning, socialisation is a way the older generation or a group of people make what they do stay in place even if they are no more. The teaching and learning is what we call or term as socialisation .

Socialisation takes place at various places in life such as our homes, schools, communities, workplace, among our peers, on the media, and any where we find our selves as I first mentioned that during inter-school competitions.

Socialisation Breakdown (Breakdown)

If you still don't understand,imagine this. In your culture, you know that a girl child must stay chaste and at some specific time in their lives they are made to go through several processes to usher them into adulthood. You practice this for sometime. But they question is , how will the younger or next generation also do this? Then a way is adapted where the children are taught about all these which is in turn transferred to the next generation to the next and to the other.

How Socialisation Takes Place

Socialisation actually starts from the home. When a child is born, the home takes the first responsibility of socialising the child. It is in the home that, the child is taught how to speak the language of the people, given a name of the people. The child is well catered for all in the socialization process.

As the child begins to grow, he or.she is been taught how to run errands , how to do domestic work and also.taught how to carry him or herself around.

Right from the socialisation gained from the house , the school, church or mosque and community at large gets into.tge socialisation process. The school teaches the child what has been passed on from generation to generation through books and other stuff, they also.teach the child how to relate with others, instill good.or.posituve attitudes into.tge child and.make.him or.hwr who he wants to be in the future by guiding him or her.

The community also plays a major role. The people in the community also help in the socialisation of the child. They help him speak the language of the people, help instill good morals into the child and as well help in making him know how to run errands . The community and several other places helps in making socialisation a really enjoyable thing in life and we will be talking more about it.

For now, thank you all for reading, we will meet later. Don't forget to hit the like button and comment. Volume 2 will be in soon .

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