Silence Is Golden...

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2 years ago
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Basically at certain times, we go through a lot o trouble , discouragement, frustration , mockery and a whole lot of things that do affect our body or image and are mostly caused by some other people we know.

Sometimes our friends take advantage of a situation to tease us , they do so till we become fed up , all chances to let them stop sometimes price futile leaving us with the frustration, at such times we feel the urge of retaliating or speaking up to it but do you think that is always the best?

Stay tuned to know my view about this.

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Silence Is Golden , a phrase that per it's construction tries to mean silence is of great essence in our daily activities.

We all know that, at certain stages in life we do face "obstacles" with the sole aim of distraction and disgracing us and we us humans are made in a way that, there is always the zeal to react to situations that do sometimes tarnish our image which is very necessary but it shouldn't always be .Keep quiet at certain situations just to show maturity.

Why do I say Silence Is Golden while sometimes when you remain silent people just use that as a privilege to think that you are weak and can't stand up to situations?

Silence in its own nature is a way of a life that prevents a lot of unforeseen dangers from happening.

Imagine you were been mocked at school for an incident that happened.

This will by all means make you angry especially with incidents that caused you pain and might cause to react but what about being silent ?

Although in your wish , you would like to retaliate but what can be the possible outcome is unpredictable; what if in the course of retaliating you get too angry and pick a fight of which won't be a favourable action, thereby making Silence the best option for such situations.

What if in retaliating, you end up destroying the belongings of others in your fight?

What if retaliating will have a lot more negative effects.?

Of course all these should be considered but by considering you see alm the effects that might occur when we retaliate can all be prevented when we stay mute or silent.

Keeping quiet will actually make them look "Foolish" after several tries to seek attention from you but got none of which they will eventually back off.

Reacting to all situations might not be the best since some situations are just too childish that you shouldn't follow them.

And also a state of silence when certain circumstances need a retaliation but also can lead to problems is of great essence thereby making such Silence , Golden.

I hereby suggests we all stay silent or quiet in times if frustration or at times where we deem it to speak out for ourselves as we might think it is the best option .

Tha k you for you time , it's Dangerous_Fly once again, Bring It On!!!

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2 years ago
Topics: Life, Silence, Truth