One Shouldn't Miss Forest For Treest

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One shouldn't miss forest for trees? Of course yes. This is a saying of high standard and ranked among some of the best sayings in English that is basically used to tell people what to do at particular times when they are to make a tough choice .

There was a celebration in my neighborhood of which we were part of the invited guests to celebrate with them but the celebration consisted of two parts and at different locations.

First was the initiation and then the grand ceremony but we were not told what the difference was but all we knew was that , famous people will be attending the initiation and it will be held at a very eye appealing environment as compared to the grand celebration.

Again, we were advised and cautioned at the same time that we should choose wisely when it comes to which one we would like to attend and we were told that the probability that a person can attend both activities had a slight chance.

Many friends of mine decided to attend the initiation with the view that as very famous people will be present there would be feast and merry making of which they were misled by this thought and also they were told by someone that, that was where there would be enjoyment but the few of us stayed behind and decided to watch the activity live and look a what would happen at the grand celebration with the name itself giving us hope that we will be those to enjoy.

When our friends got there ,they started snapping pictures of the place and making fun of us because indeed it was classic . They saw some foods and there hope triggered but they didn't know the worst was yet to come.

The initiation was started, the opening prayer served and a service begun of which we knew nothing about. Few hours after the initiation begun , the grand celebration also started and was supposed not to last longer than the initiation. There was feast and merry making , we had fun as friends and also as part of a large group of people with whom we were invited with to take part of the event.

But the initiation consisted of only prayer, worship and a lot of meeting with a lot of boring stuff as it was basically for the adult, a lot of speeches by different categories of people . And again all preparations made for it was for only those of high standard not those who went along since they were warned not to go with them but their intentions together with some words from someone made them follow them .

It was then time fur refreshment and a list was used to serve them . They were told that the refreshment fir all was rather the grand ceremony which was too late for them to rush back .

They were shocked to see that, they were not included in the activities neither in the refreshment of which brought a huge disappointment. They again came home only to realise they had missed the celebration itself of which they valued most to rather go to where they were not recognized.

This made to go home pretty early and couldn't take part in the dancing and comedy which was later .

This is an illustration of the saying one shouldn't miss forest for trees.

In the scenario my friends missed that of which they cherished most for what they were not even recognized simply because they were of the view that , the initiation was where the fun was but it wasn't.. They were glad to see eye popping things and signs of hope but they were rather disappointed at last.

It is therefore advisable not to rush into a hasty decision with little or no or unverified information since it might lead to lose what you cherish most. Things that are pleasant to the eye and seems to good to be true might be if deceot in choosing between two tough decisions.

Thank you.

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