It's Time For My People To Wake Up! My Mind Is Made Up..

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3 years ago

The world is developing very rapidly that if you decide to "back-slide" or stay as you always have then you will forever be outdated or remain so. It's time to wake up from that slumber that keeps us old-fashioned and outdated and get to an extent that we make ourselves useful and of significance.We need to change our mindest on culture, way of life , stereotypes , myths and what not and consider cases typically not by what we believe in.

People mostly have a mindset that, for this by all means it has to be so therefore there don't see the need to try changing it but can I tell you something? No situation or condition is permanent and as such we have to live by our aim not what we are made to believe in.

For our family, we are born poor, my great grandfather was poor, so was my grandfather and as for my dad his is even worse and so as for me, I will also be poor no matter what because all these mentioned people tried their best but it was to no avail.

Who told you that? And why do you believe in such talks? Basically out choices are what keeps us and if we rather tend to listen to such words from others then it is time to wake up because you have been sleeping for a long time and make ends meet. Put striving and hardwork in place of such thoughts or believe and see what happens next

You keep killing yourself slowly with that thing of yours which you say that it is a mean of energy. All warnings that were given to you were ignored. You get addicted and can't stop even if you want to. It's time for you also to realise your mistakes and put good effort in your life.

Many are the things people do as well the misconceptions people have on several topics in life that leads to retard in growth in both the community they live in and they themselves. They mostly act based on the lack of information (lack of knowledge) causing them to perish since for the lack of knowledge my people perish .

They look at things just like how they see it but don't go beyond that , they don't examine it. Do you know the funny thing?? They think they see everything but they are bilnd .

  • Parents think choosing the future for their children is the best thing to do hence they rather sit and dictate for their children even without knowing the interest of the children or what they are good at .

  • Managers think picking their relatives for the job is the simplest thing to do to make their family worth something but the actual fact is they rather cause harm than good.

  • Presidents also think filling their pockets with the money of the country is the top priority. They do so and again live with their heads abroad and anus home.

  • Some people also think for them, there is no one like them and they are always the best but they don't know they are kidding. They carry their shoulders around like they are golden but in reality and fact they are nothing to be compared with other people.

  • People are too jealous of other people's success that,they plot against them and are willing to see them dead or poor.

  • Managers taking something from people before giving them the work to do even though they are qualified..

  • Even with football full of bribery and corruption

The above are all practices that for a country that needs development must fight against and as such people indulging in such acts must also restrain from such. These acts poses more danger on either us or the people around.

  1. You hating on someone's progress can drive you to kill the person ; putting the person in danger.

  2. A manager giving the job to his family member not only does it put unqualified people in position but also the lives of people say the position is a doctor's .

  3. The president living with such an attitude always retards the progress in the country but rather increase in debts almost every time hence making the country affected.

  4. People thinking they are the best and in every thing are the best do not just deceive themselves but also put themselves in so much trouble since there can be times they will need help with no one to willing help hem because of their attitude..

  5. Parents also think that the course they have chosen for you is the best but little do they know that, they are just wiping their chance of gaining away since you might not be good at what they forced you Into as much what you used to do.

It even sometimes makes me wonder the things happening and be like , what the f*ck is happening??

Some people simply don't also know how to forgive and with such the only way to solve this is waking you from such slumber. Wake up from the attitudes , behaviors that you see in your friends as well as you that is not helping you. Help others identify their purpose and help them get out of their slumber .

Make home safe also and guard it from the enemy , care for others, help people Know their purpose, stop believing in those myths and start making your success a live matter. Remember always make home safe and the people around because,"the destruction of a man begins in the home and when they break up the home they take over the throne. " By Sarkodie.

Make a change now, make the world a better place since if you really want the world to be a better place, then you will have to change it then. If you really wanna do so,then you got to be the best version of yourself; the one that has woken up from slumber and is ready for action..

Some of these must also be looked at when we want it successfully done.

  • It looks fairly like you are not progressing in your business. It is not because you are not trying because I recall a lot of times you have promoted it but still to no avail. Hence causing you to think of stopping.

    This thought alone can lead you into a heavy slumber that if care is not taken you might not succeed. Stand up and fight it by using different strategies.

  • The people in the community all know that, the community isn't prospering as they want it and as usual they expect the the government to do if for them. The government is also not in a good position to see it hence they continue suffering. What about the community coming together to do it for themselves? This is the best. As citizens a mnd members, there is the need to always take up responsibility when the need arises.


I conclude by saying, we have to wake up or sit in all fields of life that we currently find ourselves. If we are working but it is not prospering then the need to review our strategies, learning but it is working , the need to look at it well and anything that doesn't work also must be looked into.

Also, we all should see each other as one for a successful country and maintain a good sense of human relationship. Not forgetting , leaders or people in authority must work and put the progress of their community as a priority instead of filling their pockets with gold. Parents know what your children are good at. Wake up from your sleep because sometimes "we see in between the lines but we still can't read ".

Thank you for your time, it's Dangerous_Fly once again. Bring It On!!!.

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3 years ago


You're right, we should wake up to reality. People should stop thinking they're failures,leaders should stop extorting and favouritism shouldn't be chosen over who actually deserves it.

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3 years ago

Well written

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3 years ago

Sir... Awesome wrote that in fact we have to accept that in our life...

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3 years ago