Everyone Is Of Relevance!!!

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I once saw someone saying , " you this child, you have no purpose on this earth, I am even ashamed to own up and call you my son " to her son.

I was shocked by that but what can I say ? I don't want any problem so I left without even a cough neither some words from my mouth.

But today , I decide to speak on the matter really well and I would love it if you stay to read what I got.

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Everyone Is Of Relevance is an article I intend to write on right after I had some conversation with my mum at the store today.

It was quite a long conversation and it remembered her of days at school giving me an awesome moment as I listened to her stories , and as well some punishments some teachers used to give out to students which were quite rude of them.

It all started, when I made mention that it is left with a day more for the Junior High School students to complete their final exam after I saw a student who has finished his day's paper meaning finished writing the paper for the day.

This statement eventually brought up the fact that JHS is sometimes better as the exam takes just a few days. It also brought back some memories which were quite fascinating and those that were stories of those days they were in school. U enjoyed every tiny bit of her conversation and again she also made mention of the fact that it isn't only education that can make a person successful in life but also being an apprentice or apprenticeship is also of importance.

Bring an apprentice?? Yes, many are times apprenticeship is not considered to be a successful thing so some parents push their children into schooling while they know really well that, their children are not good at it.

She continued by mentioning out some of her old school friends who dropped out of school but are making it in real life . They are sometimes even earning much better than some graduates as they are now great traders at market places who serve as wholesale and retails facilities.

One thing that she made mention of that motivated me to write this article is the fact that, school is not a liability that will make someone successful in life, therefore the need for parents to know what their children can be best at even if it is apprenticeship because not everyone can become a government worker.

This statement is really true as I have talked about already. It is not every child who can cimete school but every child can at least learn a job. And which that they make themselves useful in future since these jobs will also be of essence and assistance to them. They can always become a boss on their own and start to make a living with the skills they have.

She continued by saying, I should imagine a world full of graduates and after I should question myself who will work for who?

This was indeed a true question that made me notice the true relevance of everyone.

Each and every person on earth is very important when it comes to his or her floor or field and as such no one can replace the other perfectly, so I rank no work on profession better than the other but rather look at how often their services are needed that is what makes the difference

God in his own way created as differently and such was a great way to make man leave humbly or balance out because if God had made all people with same abilities, wisdom, wealth , strength and all qualities of life , will there has e been someine to do the tedious work of others for them?

Imagine everyone is a doctor , who will cultivate crops, who will construct roads and whatever service a man may need ? But God has made it a scattered ability to which differs based on people simply to make things balance out where some.are good at rendering this services and others that service.

  • When it comes to seeking for someone to save a Dying or sick person, a doctor can be of essence and well as some pastors also.

  • Looking for food to eat, the Farmer, Traders and sometimes food vendors are really important

  • A road construction will have to go to the constructors.

  • A faulty electric gadget will have to go to technician .

  • A faulty car to the mechanics

  • And so on and so forth .

A lot of people do not consider some people that much since they consider their work as "low standard" but have you ever experienced hunger before where you got the money to buy food but no food vendor to sell, no trader to get you the required ingredients or what not becomes something else.

Have you ever stayed in a house with no light for nights before? As a doctor ,you can't fix it and if the technician delays you , there you see the importance of them.

So is other people important the mason, the tailor or seamstress, hairdresser, the teacher, lawyer and all government workers down to the coconut seller, a fruit seller, iced-water seller and each and everyone .

Everyone is perfect and of relevance no matter the number of times they serve a purpose. Let's respect all people as such and by doing so we make them know their importance. Don't try to tell a worker his or her work is not important since one you will need that service from him or her to feel comfortable.

Thank you for your time, it's Dangerous_Fly once again, Bring It On!!!

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I absolutely agree with everything written here. Without the peasants we would not have wheat, without wheat we would not have flour, without bread flour, without bread to the baker, without the baker of the seller, without the seller of the consumer ... And so on indefinitely. If you are taught to treat a cleaning lady the same way you treat a principal, your parents have done a very good job for you :)

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3 years ago