Better Late Than Never

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Better late than never is also an adage that needs to be looked at. This adage as I see depicts, protrays or tells people they need to go in for opportunities or tasks even if they think they have lost or there can't be a chance for a success. It goes on further to tell the need to do so because there can be a chance for success even if we don't think so . Let's take a look at it more.

Better late than never as already said the depicts the need to give things that we think we have field some attention. It goes further to tell the importance of trying even if you think we have lost or there is no more hope and the importance is that they can be or there might be a chance of winning.

Someone might ask why should I do that? I know clearly or perfectly well that this thing is not in good shape and I can't win so why should I bother myself? Yes the situation might be too hard to turn it but I say that you still have to give it a try since an unended match cannot be classified as finished so can there be a chance for us .

We sometimes see it happen in football where a downside comes back harder and wins the match or equalizes with the leading team and if this can happen so can this also happened.

Let's take a look at scenarios that depicts better late than never.

After a hard day's work, a man decided to sit under a tree. While he was sitting there, he heard an announcement of an ongoing interview for a people to serve a warehouse house. He became interested since his work was not any better but based on the time given he knew clearly that he can't make it but decided to give it a try.

He hurriedly went home and change his appearance, off to the venue, he went. Upon all his lateness he still went in for the opportunity and continued to walk towards the venue until he reached there. He appeared at the place and his zeal for work was noticed based on his reactio ns and because of that he was employed as the security in the warehouse.

A group of people had a competition(teams). All teams were ready except one team. All attempts to finish their project before the day that was set proved futile therefore on the day of presentation they were not able to launch the project for commendation.

Although this happened they didn't stop because they lost the competition but they continued to finishing it and launched it after some period of time.

Their project became the talk of the town which attracted a lot of investors to it, making their project more valuable than those who won the prize of the competition .

A good student was really late for examination, he reached the examination centre when they had already started due to the fact that he couldn't get transportation fee so he had to walk .

At the examination centre the examination haf already started and he had no option but to go back home because it had already begun with few minutes to go. He pleaded with the invigilator to let him write even though he is late. The invigilator was hesitant though but he agreed and make the student write. He was able to write well but could not get the best though but could get the.least expected mark .

End of scenarios.

Let's take these scenarios and in all situations, we can see clearly that the people couldn't make it based on the time given to them or they were not able to make it at the time that was given to them to appear for various activities to take place but it was of great help to them for completing the task even though they were too late.

The man gave it no chance to lose hope even though he knew that he was really late, the team didn't give up even though they lost the competition neither did the school boy give up even though the examination had started. And based on these that had a chance to make it happen.

I say then unto you that no matter how the situation is, if it only deals with time and you think that the time is elapsing or had elapsed still give it a try and you might get a benefit from it..

Thank you for your time, please drop your views at the comment section and I will happy to read them.

Thank you once again .

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2 years ago


This saying never gets old. It applies everywhere. Better late than never taking chances of doing what is supposed to do.

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