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Destination Is Sure

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1 year ago

Greetings guys, its still danbrilliant. Today, we'll be discussing about destination. Sit back, read, learn, comment, like & subscribe. Thank you.

Let's go!

Text: Psa. 91: 4

"'You have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bore you on eagle's wings and brought you to Myself”

The Israelites were in Egypt for a period of 430 years. That's such a long time. Having stayed there for a very long time, it's natural for them to feel that the promises God made to their fathers may have been forgotten. They never imagined that a day would come when they would leave the land that they had always known as their home.

As a result of their oppression, they cried to God for deliverance and God heard them. On the day of their deliverance from Egypt, it was to them like a dream. Along the way, they became afraid because of the pursuit of the Egyptians. But God brought to completion the work of deliverance which He had started. Again, instead of spending 40 days in the wilderness, they spent 40 years because of unbelief but that didn't stop God's plan for them. God made sure to bring them into Canaan —a land flowing with milk and honey.

In all those years that they travelled through the wilderness a lot of things could have happened to truncate the journey prematurely, such that they will not arrive safely at their destination. The wilderness is a dangerous place for harmless people without experience in warfare to travel with all the precious possessions they are travelling with. There are marauders who specialise in operating in the wilderness and depriving harmless victims of their possessions but as long as they were riding on the wings of the Almighty God, they were fine.

The things you see now may make it look like God has forgotten His promises for you. The obstacles on the way to your place of destiny too may make it seemingly impossible for you to access your desired change. Remember that God is greater than any obstacle and no matter how long you've been in that situation, God is able to bring an end to it in the twinkling of an eye.

Whatever you are doing is a journey

That your marriage is a journey, that your business is a journey, it can either produce good fruits and end gloriously or the opposite can also happen, for all reading this who are married, or who are in business, your marriage, your business will be blessed, fruitful and will end gloriously in Jesus name. Whatever journey you have embarked upon, you will arrive safely at that God destined destination where you will be celebrated in Jesus name.

You determine the end of your journey in life

Life itself is a journey that terminates either in hell or in heaven. You are the one that will determine how the journey will end for you. God has made adequate provision to make sure that you arrive safely in Heaven, but you will need to cooperate with His arrangement for it to work for you. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life and that firmly positions you on God’s wings as long as you remain on His wings by remaining in Jesus Christ, He will ensure that you arrive safely in Heaven. Shalom.

Prayers Point

1. Oh Lord, hear my cry today and deliver me from every bondage and affliction.

2. Oh Lord, destroy every force delaying the fulfilment of my destiny.

3. Deliver me from stubborn pursuers trying to stop me from entering into my rest.

4. Powers of darkness trying to stop my advancement and fulfilment, be destroyed in Jesus name

5. Lord, Heaven is my ultimate destination, please help me to get there safely.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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