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Dangerous & Dreadful Things Done By Christians In The Church

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3 days ago

Happy Sunday to us all, I hope we all had a wonderful Sunday service today and we were blessed by it? Its still me danbrilliant and we will be discussing about some lined out dangerous acts done by some Christians in the church today. Sit back, read and be blessed. Let's go!

Today is Sunday, the first day of the week and all over the world, Sunday services were held which is marvellous. However, over the years, I have noticed some doings by Christians in the church which I am totally against because they are not good at all. So, I pointed out some of them in this article so that we will know them (though we know some of them) and flew from them totally to avoid punishments from God. Some of these dangerous acts include;

  1. Pretending to put offerings in the church

Now, this is a very bad act done very well in the church. Some of us may not understand it , so I will explain it. What do I mean by pretending to put offering in the church? I have noticed that some people due to shame of not having offering to give in church, they will get up and dance towards the altar with the congregation then, when they are close to the offering bag and are expected to drop their offerings, they will put their empty hands deep inside the offering bag and pretend to have drop their offering without actually dropping anything.

The first day I saw this, I felt really bad. I think its better to dance to the altar and return back to your seat without actually pretending to drop money when you don't have. Its a very very bad act. You can't confuse God. We should always remember that we are giving to God and not man. God watches during the day and night and so, we cannot in anyway confuse Him. This act can bring a deadly punishment from God Almighty, so please abstain from it and receive God's abundant blessing.

  1. Lateness

Lateness lateness lateness.. Another bad act that we should flew away from. This one is very very obvious in the church today. Most of us who call ourselves Christians and believers of Christ try as much as possible to go early to our several workplaces and schools because we know fully well that we might lose our jobs and also get punished for coming late.

But when it comes to the church, no one penalizes us physically, so we most times tend to go not early as we do in our jobs and schools. Is this good? We all know its not good but we still indulge on late coming. I've been a victim of this severally in the past but after I compared it to how I go early to work, I noticed that it wasn't fair, I was robbing God. Robbing God of what? Of time. Sometimes, we come late to church and we are quickly in a hurry to go home. We may even end the service if we were given the power to do so. Hahaha. Its funny right? But its true. But its not good at all, as Christians we must try as much as possible to plan for our church services and avoid late coming. May God help us as we plan to prevent lateness to His Temple. Amen.

  1. Showing of pride during donations

If I was to miss or forget or skip any dangerous act committed in the church, I won't miss this particular one. Why? Its so dangerous that It can even lead to an instant death inside the church. There are times whereby the church do ask for donations and support fund. And the church members are supposed to support the church financially in any way they can.

Some people then make use of that period of donation to show some level of pride when giving to church. Remember the bible says that "whatever you left hand is doing, your right hand shouldn't know...". Its a good thing to give in the church but give with humility because your money is from still from God. Its God that gave you that money. Giving with pride is not acceptable by God hence, we as Christians must flew away from such act.

  1. Chatting/irregular discussions

During church services, I have noticed that some set or group of people do get involve in long discussions that could be kept for a later time. Even during the sermon, some youths and adults still chant, chat, make noise, etc and it makes the church to look like an unregulated and lawless environment. This act leads to distraction of other members who came to church with a mindset to focus on the word of God.

Hence, any form of irregular discussions should be avoided during church services. We should always have it in our hearts that the church is a Holy place and must be given the respect it needs. May God help us as we deviate from such act. Amen.

  1. Indecent dressing

Over the years, indecent dressing has been rebuked in the church of God. But many (especially the youths) still indulge themselves in such act. It may look ignorable but it can cause havoc and sin to the congregation and even the pastor. That's why in some churches today, ladies are not allowed to sit in the front seats because some of them may wear short skirts.

As Christians, we must learn to draw a thick line between indecent dressing and decent dressing. The former could lead to sexual harassment and even immorality in the church. Hence, a positive change must be done towards this so as to avoid sinful acts and punishments from God.

I hope we enjoyed this article and also learnt a lot from it. Let's try as much as possible under God to abstain from this dangerous and dreadful acts and we shall be blessed abundantly by God. You will not be a victim of Gods anger. Amen. It is well with you. Remain blessed.


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Written by   31
3 days ago
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