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As Christians, Must A Church Service Last For More Than One Hour?

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2 days ago

Good day to you all guys. I'm still me. I haven't left.I feel happy to be here again to share something very important. I know that you guys really want to read this.. So, no time to waste, you'll enjoy it... Let's go!

In the world today, a lot of thoughts have been shared on the time or duration that a church service should be. There are several schools of thought on this due to the fact that no particular duration was stated clearly in the bible. So, people tend to say whatever pleases them about time spent in church services.

Some churches or let me say denominations spend less than an hour for a service, some do spend more than an hour, some also spend up to 6 hours in one service. So what time is spent in your own church service? I know that you already know the answer but chill.. Chill.. Read the next paragraph.

I remember chatting with a friend about this topic, and he told me that in his church, the service do last for one hour only. He also said that there could be three services in a day with each service done within an hour. Another of my friend said his own church service stays for 3 hours and on Sunday, only Two services are conducted.

My other friend, who is a lady, said her own church service do last for up to six good hours.. Woow wow wow. I was damn shocked. I wasn't against it tho. Who am I to be? I was literally shocked because I have never stayed that long on a Sunday service except for night vigils. All these were real church service duration (for record sake, I don't want to mention the churches and also I'm not against any).

But what bothers me is the quality of our church services. Is quality time spent in worship? In praises, In prayer? In bible study? In sermon? And even Thanksgiving? I think these are some of the main areas in which quality time should be spent during a church service or mass. Have you really though about it in the past? I think you may have.

Now, let's ask ourselves again, should a church service last more one hour? Hmmmmm. But i think the question should be this way... 'What's the quality of our church service with respect to the time spent?'.. I hope we understand this question? Well, let me explain what I meant. A church service could be for 4 hours but the total time of worship, prayer, praises and sermon could be for one hour, thirty minutes..

It happens in some churches.. Yes. I'm not saying it's bad. Please don't quote me wrong. I only gave a real life illustration. In some churches too, sermon could take only thirty minutes. So you see, it becomes a difficult thing to choose the time duration for church services all over the world. It will be difficult for the church to accept a particular time.

But this is one thing I know. You can't use time to control God. Instead its God that will control us. You can be led by the Holyspirit as a pastor to hold a church service for more than an hour. Yes! This could happen in some cases whereby God wants some particular set of people to be touched and repent of their evil ways. Or it could be because of something else. I don't think time should limit what God wants to do for us in the church. We need to obey him as he leads us.

Also, You can be led by the same Holyspirit to hold it for less than an hour. You can't predict God's action. He works in mysterious ways. Obedient to God is indeed needed for our blessings to reach us. So what I'm I trying to say? You can't just put a rule for all churches worldwide that a church service should be less than an hour or more.

Why? Because God could lead the pastor to any length he wishes to. Always remember that a quality service or mass is very much needed. And when I say quality service, I don't just mean in the physical but in the spiritual realm. I hope you enjoyed this article... I'm sure that you also have something to contribute to this topic. I'm really sure. You can always contribute..

As I conclude, my prayer is that you will always have a quality service with God and his everlasting love, mercy and grave will never leave you. He will not forsake you. He will never leave you. Remain blessed.


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Written by   31
2 days ago
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