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Curious Captures in Hà Nội & Sài Gòn [Nr.24]

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6 months ago

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to a new Curious Captures. Lâu quá không gặp (long time no see)! It's been close to a year since my last blog, due to the world wide restrictions I wasn't able to stay in my beloved Vietnam. But hey, người đàn ông đã trở về ;) So time for a new edition.

Some restrictions hit harder then others..

Restrictions or no restrictions, this country is still an intriguing place. It does seem like this year has left its marks. Long time readers will remember the different fashion trends over here. One I have shown is the depressing t-shirts over here. However now it seems like there is a new trend which is built on optimism.

Going back to our roots.

Keeping it casual...

... and modest.

Some are cooping with this year in their own way.

Luckily there are also things that never change, making me feel back at home straight away.

Whether its the bad benches...

...or the typical Asian practicality. I mean, why not use a laundry basket while stocking noodles?

We could all use Vietnamese ingenuity sometimes. Like with their scooters, remember? Oh. But...



Okay, not all of their ideas are as great. Maybe skip this one.

Before we stop, let us end the blog with a public service announcement.

Toilet paper has always been there for you to have your back. Don't give up on it. Thank you

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Written by   4
6 months ago
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