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Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr.22]

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1 year ago

Chào cả internet. This post is not written from the city of Hà Nội, but from my own home country. I had to leave, albeit temporarily, due to the global crisis. This does not mean that this interesting city and it's curiosities are out of my heart and mind. Plus, I still have some captures laying around. So I will make another 2 or 3 posts while we all wait this out.

Motivational Messages

While looking through my stash of pictures, I noticed I especially had a whole bunch of pictures fitting the 'sad shirts' category. Quite some funny ones, some just really sad and some even a bit prophetic. However, I felt like we are dealing with enough sadness as it is, so I will leave them for next time. And let's do some more positive ones today.

So for all of us sad people. This message is for you:

Feeling better already? All we can do is stay strong. Because..

Not everything has to be light.

Even darkness can be cute in Vietnam.

Actually. A lot of things can be considered cute, cool, awesome or fashion in Hanoi. People are very easygoing. Do what works for you.

Maybe it's the city itself that creates this scooter folk. It's a city that is still forming and growing. It still has some rough edges.

Thung life baby.

Best Benches

One of the things I miss a lot, are the walks and drives I would do around the cities lakes. They give such a calming atmosphere, and they truly are enjoyed by the whole community. People do workouts here, they eat and drink, talk, play games, fish and do some good old lake gazing.

My loyal readers know of the many bad benches all around these lakes. But for today I want to share hope and positivity. And what is more positive, than to admit it when you are wrong? You see, I have been looking at this whole bench situation from the wrong perspective. They are not there for you to look at the lake. They are there to protect you...

... from rolling in while you do your nap. Rất quan trọng. Gotta get my priorities in order.

Thoả Mãn Gang

So I hope this post has cheered you up and that this jacket fits this vibe. Let me leave you with one more eastern wisdom

And as a bonus, for the Vietnamese readers, if there are any of you out there, I made a review of visiting my home country. Tất cả bằng tiếng Việt. So if you can read Vietnamese or just want to see what the language looks like, click here and enjoy :)

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1 year ago
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