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Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr.21]

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1 year ago

Real Curious

This week I will deviate a little from the typical scooters, benches and sad T-shirts. This time I wanna share some really random stuff I spotted. Sẵn sàng chưa? (are you ready?)

Thật bất ngờ !

Vietnam Vô Địch!

As some of you may know, Vietnam has had a Communist government for quite a while now. And under communism, people are all treated equal right? I just didn't know that it also worked that way in their football teams.

We are all the equal.

Some just a little more than others.

Keeping it stylish on his Red Dragon chopper.

Funny Faces

This week I visited Hội An, famous for it's yellow houses, ancient bridge and river full of lanterns at night.

Because of this, it get's plenty of attention from tourists, and therefor it is full with shops. With some interesting head styles.

High hair is making a comeback.

Or high heads?

A gold head would match well with that stylish chopper guy.

But there are always those people who want to go further. Go extreme. Go minimalistic.

A Clean Party

As I mentioned last time Vietnamese people have ingenuity and can be very diverse when it comes to trade. There is a juice bar not too far from my house where they also sell helmets and SIM cards. Or like I told some friends yesterday, there used to be Street Sushi, a garage and car wash during the day, sushi restaurant by night.

Come shine come rain, không say không về.


Since this might be my last post on that will also be on Steem, let me leave the Steemeans with some Vietnamese advice.

Let's leave censorship behind, and move forward to an open future!

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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