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What a life

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1 year ago

I found myself again one morning when i opened the window and smelled the fresh daisies growing in my backyground.I ran outside to danced under the sunshine and nothing had felt that warm for a long time.The rays under my skin and the grass beneath my feet,nothing had been that normal in so long,i found myself in the novels and country music i played while riding shotgun.I found myself while walking on the beach witnessing the sun setting down.It was beautiful and when the sun rose the next day.I found myself while trying to tie my curtain up.I made myself some hot tea and I thought to myself,"i am going to be alright".Because I found myself while pacing the open roads at midnight.And we laughed under the stars and remember that world is much bigger than i am and there is so much more out there than we had.I found myself while tracing back my footprints along the sand and listening to the waters rush along the creeks.I found the warmth of living and breathing after all the tragic.I found the person i was before,i realized that bruises werent just physical,they were internal too. But i found the person who still believes that life is good.

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Life is good. Everything happens for a reason. Challenges are part of our life and were made to make us stronger and wiser. There are times when we felt like it’s not anymore worth living, nothing is going as planned, everything is messed up but those are part of living. Something will break you up physically, emotionally, or even mentally, but don’t give in spiritually. There are still some beautiful things that life has to offer. I’m glad you found the strength to carry on, you found a fresh start and moving on. 😊

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1 year ago

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1 year ago