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Exploring Hive Platform. Its been One Month on HIVE 

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1 year ago

It's been more than a month now I had joined Hive Platform.
Frankly, it's not as simple as this platform, it is so much big, there are various communities various tokens. Each have their different values.
It is a whole different universe with each different section to discover.
Each and everyday I learn something new about this. There are so many projects going on hive blockchain. I read articles about new projects launching new games releasing etc.

This article is about my overall growth on this platform in the 1 month and My hive experience.

I am happy with my reputation which is around 47 now it is so fast thanks for people like @nathanmars and @jongolson for supporting me from the staring of the phase.

I have written about 13 educational articles about crypto and new crypto projects.
On average I recevive about 10 likes per post.

It was going good until I was offline for about 2 weeks due to travelling.

It's gonna take long to time as I see there are so many people here for about 2-3 years and I have just started now.

By reading articles I have got to know about new Play to Earn Games.
I wanted to try Splinterlands. I will try as soon as I generate about 10$ to buy spell book. I am still learning.
Once I start playing spinterlands I can also write something about it in my articles and post some updates like others.

Also by reading new post in Hive specially in Leofinance keeps me updated around new giveaways and Launching of new Projects. Which seems interesting to read.

Trying to improve my writing skills to gain attention of larger audience.
Everyday learning new things and there's a lot to discover.

One thing I noticed, Most good performing articles are those which have good pictures in that. Cause Hive shows the pics first. I rarely use pics that might be disadvantage for me.
It's good for people who post about photography and travel blogs.

That's it guys this was a short update of my Hive Experience and My personal thoughts

For my crypto articles refer this.
My recent articles on HIVE are :

Explaining NFT from Basics and How money is made through it.


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Thank You


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Written by   39
1 year ago
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I joined hive a week ago and quite frankly, I'm totally lost. You can check me out. My username is talon12

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1 year ago

True bro its confusing in start, I will follow you on there

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1 year ago