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Activity Bonus on Read cash. Yeah or Nay?

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1 year ago

Weeks ago, the read cash began the activity bonus experiment which was to span for a period that was not quite disclosed. This was an experiment which was to benefit a whole lot of persons based on their activities on the site. When I got to know about this experiment, I can't say how early I was but I testify that this is one of the best things that the read cash has decided. It was one big motivation that kept me going on my account.

At least I was sure that whatever comments I give, I was going to get rewarded for it so long I avoided spam comments. It was exciting as well because the certainty was there. At a point I felt it was too good to be true and hoped I get paid. When my 10days got completed, boom! I saw the claim button, I was so filled with joy because I put in so much efforts into it just in case I got lucky. I wasn't paid the whole cash the first day, on the second day I got paid again. And I kept getting paid till my money was exhausted.

I was amazed at the sincerity read cash put into such experiment. I invited some other persons, but before their 10days got completed, the experiment was already over. But read cash still notified it's members that they will still get paid to the extent they had worked already. I mean, that was the height of sincerity. That is really rare I must say and I appreciate read cash for such opportunity. I hope more opportunities better than that will be opened soon..

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