RFND defends your Funds: RFND has increased 10 times already

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3 years ago

Today RFND token has reached one of its goals. It increased its value 10 times since the inception of the token.

The token was born as a new proposal to increase the value of people's personal finances.

It started on February 25th. The founder of RFND - @cryptovato1  was performing several studies on current world financial situation and found out already in 2019, that we might be enterring to the worst economic crisis of our life time; which unfortunatelly became a fact during this 2020.

He realized that the value of his pension fund – earned from his job, was sinking; so this wasn’t an option for his retirement anymore.

Some studies that we have performed point to a possibility that some countries may enter to a stage of partial or total economic meltdown, therefore we decided to offer a solution for it because RFND DEFENDS YOUR FUNDS.

He decided not to be part of the problem but to become part of a solution!

That day he started RFND token, which has worked as a crypto mutual fund. The Part Time Economist perfectly explained how it works in his video:


As he became a member of memo.cash, he decided that RFND became SLP token because of several reasons:

  • It’s linked directly to Bitcoin Cash, which is a Top 5 Cryptocurrency.

  • SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) tokens have the lowest transaction fees, which is one of the best competitive advantage of this system, plus the transactions among SLP wallets are very fast.

  • It was the easiest way to create it.

@Cryptovato assigned to his token a value of 0.18 sat. Back then 1,000,000 RFND = 0.64 USD, or 0.0018 BCH. 

RFND token has already paid out its Bitcoin Cashback to its investors three times, and there were two Cashbacks in SLP tokens: one in RNEW token, and another in DV token.

So check this out!

The first investor who bought RFND on February 25th paid for 1,000,000 RFND = 180,000 satoshi (0.0018 BCH) of Bitcoin Cash; in 5 cashbacks he/she received 450,000 satoshi, plus the price multiplied by 10 times.

This is the advantage of the early birds.

Some of you may think; as I am not an early bird, I missed it and it’s over for me.

My answer is: Not at all

This is just a beginning:

We are a much stronger cryptocurrency than at the beginning.


  • The value of our token increased 10 times.

  • We paid juicy Bitcoin Cashbacks, so people know that what we promise becomes true.

  • Our crypto worth in many diversified assets has increased to 37 BCH during all this time.

  • We keep on having strong reserves.

  • We are heading towards a new blockchain innovation which we will let you know about in few weeks.

  • And we became deflationary token and we are preparing for exchange listing.

  • We became a very capable team, also thanks to board of assessors who put this Project to a new level through all our synergies

  • We are already SLP token Number 18 regarding to number of transactions.

  • RFND has become one of the few SLP tokens which have been steadily increasing its value vs BCH.

Here we offer a table of value of top cryptocurrencies, some SLP tokens and fiat of our holders:

Some facts:

February 25th: It was approximately 1,800,000 RFND per 1 USD, today it's 182,338. 

We hit our lows against USD when BCH plummeted together with BTC vs USD on March 12th, when the value was 3,400,000 RFND.

(we publicly acknowledge our gloomy days or our price drops).

May 9th: You were able to buy with 1 British Pound (GBP) - 1,000,000 RFND. Today you need 4.2 GBP for the same amount.

These values are constantly updated, and they are correlated to the value of BCH vs USD.

I would like to point out that the value of our cryptocurrency depends in 50% on the value of BCH, the resting 50% is correlated to the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens.

In the future articles I will discuss the important ingredients of RFNDian growth:

  • Organized Technical and Fundamental Analysis of our assets.

  • Every day we make investment decisions which are based on these two important aspects. 

  • Jeff Kirdeikis

    Yes Jeff Kirdeikis has become our icon. His well focused efforts haven’t only impacted positively on the price of 1UP or SWAP, but indirectly they make our token thrive. We will dedícate him a special article next week. 

  • Roger Ver

    Without Roger Ver, there wouldn't be Bitcoin Cash, and without Bitcoin Cash there wouldn't be any SLP token. Just because of that, he deserves a credit. 

  • Power of strategic alliances with other SLP tokens.

I will let you know what we have reached with other communities.

  • Power of our RFNDian, SLPian and Uptrenndian communities.

Our Telegram Group has already around 510 members, and this is something what motivates us to thrive on daily bases. The motivation comes from our innerselves but also from our community. We also so much to this beautiful Uptrenndian community and also our allies communities in SLP world.

  • RFNDian team.

I am surrounded by one of the best HR tallent and I have to recognize it. I wouldn’t reach it without my team. I owe them a lot.

I want to thank to all our supporters: to all our communities, friends, SLP allies and to Uptrennd for  your daily support, motivation, kudos, advices, recommendations, suggestions. We owe it to all of you and it means a lot to all of us.

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3 years ago


Hopefully the Rfnd will be more advanced

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3 years ago

10X growth looks like proper management of funds without raising money. It also shows trust from the community

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3 years ago

Refund Birthed out of Despiration for creating solution, It's really interesting how fast and far this project has gone within such a short period of time

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3 years ago

RFND price movements are very good and relevant, with current considerations, I am sure that the interest of investors will increase every day.

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3 years ago

510 members already? Can I still get in?

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3 years ago