Protect yourselves during this Quarantine

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 will share some tips with all of you what we are doing in our family.

1) Hygiene:

That means a lot of things. It is essential to keep spreading the virus in our communities and protect our home:

a) Wash your hands. Sometimes it gets on my nerves, but after you touch any door handle or lock, go again to your bathroom and wash your hand. It is vital that every person coming from the street washes his/her hands with water and soap after he/she enters.

b) Wash your face and your forearms: if you come from the street, it is advisable also to wash your face. If you are wearing beard, then you have to wash it as your hair.

c) If you grabbed your mobile or keyboard, don’t eat at the same time. Keyboards and mobiles have more bacteria (viruses) more than your toilette seat.

d) Don’t eat in your car. Even if I have a sanitizing alcohol gel, I quit on this practice.

e) Optional: Desinfect every pack from your supermarket with a towel, and disinfectant (or at least vinagre).

f) Don’t shake hands and keep social distancing.

g) Wash your clothes that you were wearing on the street and don’t sit with them on your bed or sofa. Therefore the doctors have their disposable medical uniforms.

h) If you want to, wear a mask; however surgical mask protection efficiency would be around 80%.

i) Guys, if you have a beard, consider if you are gonna wear it. There are different points of view but if you keep it, then make sure you wash it frequently as your hair.

2) Cook at home

Maybe this can be hard for many people, but respiratory viruses can be transmitted by fresh bread, or food that is exposed to an outside environment (sliced fruit or ham, etc.)

If they bring some take out food to your house. Make sure you can heat it. Corona virus doesn’t like higher temperatures. Make sure you are not ordering sushi because that is impossible to heat it unless it’s a fried sushi.

The purpose of cooking at home isn’t only because of hygiene but also because you can improve the status of your natural antibodies. 

Try to avoid junk food! Remember the key to overcome any disease is our immune system, most of it is located inside our intestines. So we’d better keep them healthy.

 I know it might be not easy for people who like potato chips like me but if you eat more vegan or vegetarian food based on fresh and unprocessed food, you will strengthen your immune system.

3) Pray every day for your and your family’s health

Regardless to what your religion is, believe more in God and pray. Yes, it has been scientifically proven through a lot of studies that people who pray or meditate have stronger immune system.

Sometimes if you cannot find answer to any certain situation, pray, meditate and ask for the divine protection. I personally have done so in the past and I witnessed myself the real power of prayers, meditation and positive affirmation.

To believe in God, praying, meditate that can be performed for free, there is nothing to lose. If more members of your family or community are more united with God, then its even more powerful. We are stronger when we are united.

There is also a proven fact that if prayer are performed by the whole family or most of the community, a lot of good things may happen – such as overcome hardship, diseases hard to cure, etc.

4) What to do about your routine while locked up?

If you aren’t working for your company from the comfort of your home, make sure you start earning some online income. Maybe it can look at the beginning that it’s very little but you will see that step by step you can improve.

You can get rewarded on Uptrennd, Presearch, BravoCoin app,   Steemhunt, Brave Browser, Publish0x and other cool companies. It could be hard to say what is better or not, it will depend how it matches to your needs. I personally recommend you to focus into 3 max. 4 companies; for me it’s clear: Uptrennd, Presearch, and BravoCoin. I know that there are tons of more but I picked these plus trading.

You can also take advantage of your time and learn things to become more pro such as Technical Analysis, check videos, there is a lot of info online and make sure you follow our distinguished authors from our Trading community.

5) Be grateful and share!

Not everyone in your city, county or country perhaps isn’t lucky as you. Share with them Uptrennd and your favorite crypto sites, from level 5 you are entitled to do so on Uptrennd, in your account information you have there your referral link limited to certain number of people according to your level.

Share also love, if there is something you don’t use at home – sell it or give it to someone else. The energy has to flow, don’t be attached to material stuff. I had cool leather jackets but I got rid of them because I didn’t need them because I prefer vegan skin clothes.

6) Enjoy your quarantine.

Even if a lot of you are sociable guys, take advantage of this, it’s also good to be with ourselves alone. Don’t panic! In case you feel depressed, be in touch with your relatives, close friends at least by whatsapp, phone call or chat.

Distribute the chores among members of the family, make it as easy possible. If someone from your close circle really gets on your nerves, be tolerant, be more comprehensive and step his/her shoes – yes empathy is the key towards harmony in our society.

7) Put your finances under control

Sometimes we wanna have a good life but if you weren’t used to have savings try to save some money. We are supposed to have at least 10% of savings from our income. 

If you are gonna buy certain stuff – ask yourself one simple question: Do I really need it?

Be honest with yourself. Yes I wanna a new computer, the vegan ice cream, maybe some trendy outfit but if I have the things that I still can use, probably I can wait. But make sure that you have your meals and all the hygiene supplies you needs plus you have cash to pay your utility bills.

In case you have problems with credit cards and the interests are killing you: Refinance! Banks are giving more options when you stop paying. I know that’s an undecent advice but it worked out this solution for me few years ago.

In case you cannot save any national fiat of your country, then save cryptos. For example if you are on Presearch, you are saving from the first day because to withdraw your PRE you need to have at least 1,000 eligible PRE (so that means you have to earn at least 2,000 PRE). Another option is to save 1UP tokens, BAT from Publish0x and others; check also if there are any staking options available.

Those are probably simple advices, I suggest you to adapt the ones that you think that may work for you. I also encourage to maintain always a positive attitude and go baby steps, don’t feel overwhelmed but start doing your part as much as you can

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Topics: coronavirus
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