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Uptrennd was founded by Canadian crypto entrepreneur Jeff Kirdeikis in 2019. If you review stats on, it’s user base reached 66,453 users on March 2nd and the engagement stats have been increasing in the last months as well.

Uptrennd has emerged as a fair social media which promotes fairly monetary distribution  among its users across the globe, who I will refer to as Trenndians.

               Why do I prefer Uptrennd to other social media?

 I personally prefer Uptrennd to Facebook or other social media because our effort is being rewarded by the upvotes of this community. For me starting cryptoblogging on Uptrennd more than an economic opportunity was to write articles and finding out that I have certain skills as a content creator. 

If you want to get paid on Youtube, you need to have 1000 followers and 4000 elapsed hours of content – It’s very complicated to reach this mark for a beginner, plus there is a lot of censorship in traditional social media.  

I also like Uptrennd because every day I get perfectly updated on what is happening in all the cryptosphere and the potential of learning is just great.

Another reason is that Trenndian community is very friendly and  supportive. Personally I haven’t found any friendlier community like Uptrennd. 

What are Uptrennd’s core values?

Uptrennd  was built on the following 4 foundational pillars:


1) Distribution of wealth.

2) Freedom of Speech

3) Equality of Opportunity

4) Data Security


As you can see that is the opposite of today’s current practice in most of the countries.


The native Uptrennd’s cryptocurrency is called 1UP token.


Where can I get 1UP token?


1) By getting rewarded on Uptrennd

2) By purchasing it on 4 well recognized crypto exchanges: P2PB2B, Idex, Altilly and Uniswap. 


Uptrennd is traded in the following pairs: 1UP/BTC, 1UP/ETH. 


Just Google: Uptrennd/USD or 1UP/USD and you will be able to get daily updated quotes on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap.


How can you get rewarded on Uptrennd?


You get rewarded on Uptrennd in terms of upvotes. The value of each upvote depends on the level where you are:


If you are in level 1; 1 upvote = 1 1UP token. The value increases 0.1 point per each level; so 1 upvote in level 2 = 1.1 1UP token, 1 upvote is 2 1UP tokens in level 11 and so on.


I would like to point out that we can also downvote posts or comments, this measure is anonymous and it’s been implemented to guarantee quality, honesty of any post.


You get rewarded on Uptrennd for:

  • Creating posts: you can create articles, upload videos or memes. These posts can be your original content or you can share content from other sources (that is called Non-OC) or repost other Trenndian article.

  • Making comments: if someone makes a comment, you can reply below your or any other post on Uptrennd. And you can upvote these comments.

  • Daily Bonus: Just by logging on Uptrennd, you get from 1 to 10 1UP tokens every day.

  • Daily Activity Bonus: If you comply with 10 actions on Uptrennd, you can also obtain from 1 to 10 1UP tokens daily.

  • Participating on contests, trivias, Uptrennd’s activities on Twitter, Telegram, etc.

  • Winning any  of the first 20 places on Uptrennd’s weekly or monthly leaderboard.

  • Doing Referrals: After you get into level 5, you can start doing referrals. You get rewarded with 100 1UP tokens per each successful referral.

  • By Affiliate commissions from other Blockchain projects: For example I promoted Bravocoin and Presearch and did interesting amount of referrals paid in Bravo and PRE.


What can I do with 1UP tokens?


   You can use them in many different ways:

Boosting – you can promote your posts on Uptrennd. For example if you want to promote any post, any project, you can boost it. Uptrennd is one of the cheapest social media for this advertising,  10 views = 1 1UP token (0.006 USD ATM).

Levelling up – if you decide the following. I want to increase upvote efficiency; that means I want to earn more 1UP tokens per each upvote – you can lock your 1UP tokens and get into other level.

Staking – There was a great promotion on XIO two months ago, where XIO project offered a very rewarding promotion for staking 1UP tokens.

Spending – you can spend 1UP token by Mobie app.

Hoddling – You can hoddle your 1UP tokens on the platform or on any Ethereum wallet.

Donating –  Some people do it when they feel like promoting crypto giveaways, giving back to Uptrennd’s community or sponsoring some Uptrenndian efforts. (I personally have received generous donations for rescuing street animals).

Getting ETH or Bitcoin – If you consider it as convenient, you can exchange them into Ethereum or Bitcoin which is quite easy to convert into any national fiat.


What can I publish on Uptrennd?

We can write in English in English communities and in Spanish in Uptrennd Español for people from Spain and Latin America.

First we started publishing on Uptrennd only crypto related content. The most popular communities on Uptrennd are: Uptrennd, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and others.

Since 2020, Uptrennd has expanded to other non crypto related topics such as personal growth, gaming and technology. Uptrennd is covering as of today other areas of interests in order to meet needs of more bloggers.

Check the details here: 

What am I supposed to do after I sign up on Uptrennd?

You can check all the necessary steps in the following video. 

What I like about Uptrennd is that it’s quite intuitive and pretty us to understand how this site is working.

What are the keys for your success on Uptrennd?

  • Be constant.  

  • Post OC posts  

  • Make meaningful comments 

  • Share your articles on social media.

  • Do referrals.

  • Participate on giveaways, Telegram groups and contests. 

  • Enjoy what you are doing. Write about topics that you really like. 

  • Comply with Uptrennd’s T&C: If you wanna thrive on Uptrennd, do it right from the beginning:

  • Say No to plagiarism, spamming and 

  • Focus on Quality instead of Quantity.


I totally endorse this great platform because of the following elements:


  •   A great commitment of every Trenndian


  •   Perfect direction of Uptrennd by his CEO and all the team members, who are very happy to guide you.


  •   Great sense of positivity, support, guidance, learning, networking and even being aware that you have a second family – the Uptrenndian community.


  •   By constant innovation. We don’t get stuck at comfort zone, we move fast and go further.


  •  Another great step in Uptrennd’s innovation is the launch of Mobile version of Uptrennd. This friendly and perfectly designed mobile version will help Trenndians who use mobile devices and want to save data.


  •   By interesting promotions – some blockchain projects have good deals for Trenndians.


That’s how I feel, and therefore I recommend Uptrennd to everybody.   Uptrennd has been the best which happened to me in the last months.

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3 years ago


Detailed info about Uptrennd despite some of my concerns in the recent past. I am on this site for almost 6 months now and enjoying it.

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2 years ago

Great post, i see its been flagged as not your own content by readcash when infact it is your content, i hope they correct this issue of legit authors being flagged incorrectly

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3 years ago

Hi Steve, thanks a lot for your support.

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3 years ago

Nice one vato! We follow each other on Uptrennd and as well! Good to see you here!

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3 years ago