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Stefany Ferrer first female professional soccer player bought with bitcoin

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7 months ago

Stefany is the first Mexican soccer player bought with bitcoin

Key facts:

The player's purchase was made in bitcoin through the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitso.

“So grateful for the opportunity! Now it's time to fly”, declared Stefany Ferrer about the pass.

Stefany Ferrer van Ginkel became the first professional soccer player to be transferred to another club through a payment with bitcoin (BTC), the main cryptocurrency on the market. This was announced by the Bitso exchange on January 31 via Twitter, because the monetary transaction was issued on its platform.

The bitcoin transfer was made from the Tigres de Nuevo León club in Mexico to Angel City FC, which is in the city of Los Angeles in the United States. Although the amount for which the pass was agreed is unknown, the transfer in cryptocurrency is already a fact, as reported by Bitso.

The Tigres de México club has had various approaches to cryptocurrency for some time now. In addition to having enabled the purchase of tickets with bitcoin last November, the organization formed an alliance with the Bitso exchange in January 2022.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, the association helped Bitso become the official sponsor of the club. Now their relationship is further strengthened after being the cryptocurrency exchange through which the bitcoin transfer was issued abroad to finalize the transfer of the player.

Stefany Ferrer makes history in Bitcoin, soccer and Mexico

This transcendental event for women in sports and the Bitcoin ecosystem adds to the list of historical milestones that the player has reached. Stefany Ferrer van Ginkel, who is the protagonist of this story, is not only the first soccer player to be transferred internationally through a payment in cryptocurrency.

In June 2021, the player made headlines for being the first foreign soccer player in the Liga MX Femenil, since she is Brazilian. Since then, Stefany has been playing for Tigres de México, which was the club that acquired her on that date and now, seven months later, she has agreed to transfer to Angel City FC.

According to Milenio, the signing is the first direct transfer in the history of Tigres, the winningest team in the Liga MX Femenil, to the United States Women's Professional League (NWSL). The player, who is 23 years old, expressed her happiness on Twitter for this new triumph in her soccer career.

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7 months ago
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