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Trust Yourself and Your Research!

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1 month ago


You might find it funny to see influencers chilling coins and for a newby this can start an investment in whatever coin they are shilling, but you have to be carefull.

When influencers talk about a coin they already have a position on that coin, meaning that they can be shorting or longing a certain coin. They will only shill a coin to influence the market in their favour and if they are big enough they could affect the price of a coin.

What you need to do?

Always do your research on the market, if you are informed enough you will make better decisions than if you follow some youtuber. Know that this guys aren't a know it all and they can be shilling without understanding anything about a project. If you research and invest in a project you believe in you will sleep well at night, you will fell less anxiety just because you are sure about your decision.

Don't forget that this market is all about technology and understanding it can put you in another level.

Lets talk about something concrete, you invest in ETH, lets look at this by the two sides of the coin.

You didn't do your research:

You know you invested in a great project and you hold a certain number of coins, now you are waiting for the market to move in your favour.

You did your research:

You know that you invested in a great project, and know that this project has a great ecosystem with many dapps, a lot of DeFi and Smart-Contracts. Now you hold a certain number of coins and you also apply some coins in a DeFi platform. You are making more ETH everyday while holding to your bought ETH. When the market moves in your favour your position in ETH will be larger than when you started because you earned interest in ETH and some ERC-20 projects like Uniswap or Sushi.

The difference is big and the amount of return you can have is much bigger in the second case.

Always remember to trust yourself and your research, you will be rewarded in the end.

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Written by   17
1 month ago
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