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Mining: Testing RTX 3060 LHR (ETH to NANO With 2Miners)

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1 month ago


Early this week I talked about how 2Miners pool allows you to mine ETH and be paid in NANO, all of this to avoid ETH fees. I´ve been testing this with my Nvidia RTX 3060 LHR v2.

What did I setup?

I´m mining with T-Rex Miner 0.24.2 on the 2Miners ETH pool. My GPU is LHR, if the LHR is triggered the hashrate will fall, so I did some Overclocking to optimize my hashrate. At this point I´m mining ETH with 33 MH/s without triggering LHR.

The minimum payment for ETH on 2Miners is 0.005 ETH but I´m using a NANO address to receive so the minimum payment is much lower, 0.0005 ETH.

What are the results?

Right now I´m mining 0.000581 ETH per day, remember that the pool luck can change, leading to less or more rewards. This means I´m receiving a payout in NANO every day which wasn´t possible if I was being paid in ETH. This value is converted to more or less 0.53 NANO per day. So I´m receiving half a NANO every day which I think it´s quite good.

While I´m mainly a ERGO miner I´m thinking of switching to this method when ERGO difficulty is too high and ETH is way more profitable. This will enable me to keep filling my ERGO bag, NANO bag and ETH bag (thinking of converting half my NANO earnings to ETH).

Concluding the topic I think it was a good initiative from 2Miners and it can bring more adoption to the pool and to NANO aswell.

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Written by   19
1 month ago
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