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How to Earn Interest With VeChain (VET)?

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Today's post will aproach something very simple but rewarding. You know VeChain right? It's one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and it has a lot of interesting partnerships right now. If you already have VET in your portfolio how do you make it work for you?

Well it's very simple, you can use the official wallet of VET, called VeChainThor Wallet. The steps you have to take to set it up are normal as with every wallet, don't forget to save your Seed Phrase somewhere safe. After setting it up you can send your VET from your exchange to your VeChain wallet. After you receive the funds in your wallet they are automatically staked and now you are receiving rewards in VeThor. VeThor is the token used to pay for fees in VeChain ecosystem but it can be sold like any other coin in an exchange like Binance you just have to send it there. The current interest is almos 2% APY in rewards over your VET balance. It's worth if you are just sitting on your VET.

If you want to keep many coins in only one wallet, Exodus is a multi-coin wallet and has integrated staking for VeChain, the process with Exodus is just the same as with VeChainThor Wallet. Don't forget to add the coins in Exodus wallet or the balance won't show up.

As you can see staking your VET is very easy and you should do it. Happy staking.

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VET is one of the coins I stake in my Atomic Wallet. Passive income is interesting thing in crypto space, another good one with huge opportunity is AWC token. More info concerning staking is here -

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