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Harmony (ONE) and GameFi: CryptoRoyale

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1 month ago


Harmony (ONE) has been on the radar of the crypto world this year and it has seen a surge in price in the last few days. The Ecosystem is starting to gain some traction and some GameFi action is starting to come to ONE.

In fact DefiKingdoms has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times but today I'm talking about a smaller game that is evolving and becoming something really addictive and great. Lets talk about CryptoRoyale.

You can access and play this game in your browser. It has a nice UI that is going to be improved in the next weeks.

What is the objective of the game?

All games, ranked or not, are played against other people. You are a small circle in a field and the objective is to defeat the other circles.

How do you defeat the other circles?

Well there are 3 different colors in the game (this colors might be changed in the future but the logic is the same), Blue, Green and Red and you have some dots in the field that will appear randomly if you catch one of this dots your circle changes to the color of the dot. The logic behind this is Blue beats Red, Red beats Green and Green beats Blue. You have to collide with the other people circle and if you follow this color logic their circle will shrink and yours will be bigger. When the HP of your opponent is 25 or bellow 25 the next collision will defeat him. 

You can check your health in the up right corner of the screen and every dot you catch will increase your health. You can also boost your speed by clicking TAB, remember that doing this will decrease your health in 25% so use it only when it's needed.

This game will pay you in their own token called ROY. This token is a HRC-20, is part of the Harmony (ONE) blockchain. The fees on Harmony are pretty low, very less than 1 cent per transaction so you don't have to worry moving them or selling them as it will be cheap doing so. The token has a maximum supply of 400 million tokens and is being distributed at a very high rate right now, they also predict to burn more than half the supply on the way. You can check all the tokenomics in the link I will leave bellow. If you come first in the game you will win some ROY and your reward will be displayed in a roullete that can give the base amount or much more in only one game. In ranked games if you win the base amount is around 2 ROY per game, while the maximum amount is around 200 ROY (Hard to get). If there's more than 3 players in a ranked game the second place will get a prize too.

Right now ROY sits at around 0.005$ per coin and has the potential to grow a lot more if adoption is successfull. You can trade this token on ViperSwap (DEX). You just have to connect your Harmony wallet to the DEX and swap it for whatever you want. You can also buy ROY by the same method.

In conclusion, this game at first seemed pretty simple to me and I thought I would get bored in an instant, but it's pretty cool to play and adictive, start your journey on CryptoRoyale and see it for yourself.

You can access the game through this link:

Enjoy your free time and earn ROY while doing it.

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Written by   17
1 month ago
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