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Free Banano (BAN) On BanFaucet

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2 months ago

Banano is a well known memecoin and it's known for being given has a tip in multiple places. The big and incredible community behind this coin makes this possible.

There are multiple faucets for earning Banano for free but one is standing out right now and pays incredibly well for a simple faucet.

So want makes BanFaucet so special?

BanFaucet gives its users multiple ways to earn Banano, the earnings depend on how much time do you use the faucet and how you use the faucet.

This faucet uses a "token" system, right now to earn 1 Banano you have to earn 12.67 "tokens". This exchange rate updates every 5 minutes according to the Banano price at that moment. The basic faucet lets you claim 0.5 "tokens" every five minutes. The faucet is easy to do, users just have to solve a basic captcha, it's really just matching three words or numbers with the ones that appear above, it's easier than Google Recaptcha.

Users will also find paid-to-click ads that pay a number of "tokens" for each ad they see. This is another easy and fast way to boost your earnings. There are paid-to-click ads on the PTC section and also on the offerwalls section, bitswall and monlix have some easy PTC than can be done easily. After all of these, if users want to spend real time to earn Banano, they can do some surveys that pay well.

Only by using the faucet and the PTC section users can make some Banano really quickly, with a very small effort users can make two to three Banano a day, while most faucets only pay a fraction of Banano once a day. This faucet also has a challenges section that gives you daily challenges to complete to earn extra "tokens". Some of them are easy and can be achieved everyday without much effort.

If you are a power user of faucets and want to get the most of this faucet you can earn a lot more in Banano. The thing to take is that even a normal user who uses this faucet only for a really short time a day can start to stack his free Banano very easily.

If you like Banano and like the rich in potassium community behind it, you should visit this faucet and give it try, never earning free Banano was so easy and so rewarding.

Visit BanFaucet and start earning Banano easily.

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Written by   23
2 months ago
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