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Another Ban From China

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4 weeks ago


As you know China anounced that crypto is banned from the country for the 7th time since 2013. All chinese citizens are not allowed to have or trade any cryptocurrency, if they are caught with any, they will face jail time and forced labour.

When you have to ban something so many times it only tells one thing, you were unsuccessfull and always will be. That is the power that crypto brings to the world, the decentralization doesn't allow a country to successfully ban it.

What does this means for crypto?

It's really good to know that such an opressive government is trying to ban it, it means that we are doing something that can change the world and opressive governments don't like this. They want to keep the power on their side and don't care even for a minute for their citizens. Crypto comes to give power to the normal citizen. If we continue to fight in this way, support crypto and decentralization we can really make a change in the world, everyone who supports this will have its place in history as someone who took the fight for the ones who can't.

This are the fundamentals of crypto since Bitcoin was created and now we are to big to be shut down.

Support decentralized projects who want to change the world and don't forget that CBDCs are the cancer of digital money, never trust anyone who is trying to make CBDCs happen like China. CBDCs can opress people even more but that's a topic for another post.

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