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MarcDeMesel - A True BCH Believer

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1 month ago

I am writing this article to appreciate and thank Mr. MarcDeMesel for showing such generosity to this platform and the members.
I have been a member of Read.Cash of almost eight months now, being active on and off, having good and bad days with the members here.
I still remember when @MarcDeMesel initially donated a large sum of BCH to Read.Cash and boosted the fund from something around $20K to almost $300k. Many of the members even got a change to interview him and we got to know him better. I was so amazed that how can someone be such a believer in BCH that they share such a large sum of their hard earned money to a rather new platform like Read.Cash.

After that I went on youtube and checked his videos about investing into crypto and stocks and I must say that I learned a lot. The knowledge and experience he shares in his videos are really good. If you haven’t subscribed to him go check out

Today morning history repeats itself and the fund is more than doubled by none other than @MarcDeMesel as he donates a whooping 1000 BCH.

I would like to offer my gratitude to @MarcDeMesel as I believe I speak on behalf of all of us here when I say “ you are a legend sir”

God bless

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Written by   90
1 month ago
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