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A letter to 2020

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2 months ago

Dear 2020,

I hope this letter reaches you when you are about to die or are already dead 😂.

You have given humanity a really tough time and many of us kept wondering what more you have to offer as each of your months passed by. I am honored to tell you that you have been a pain in the ass 😂 and we are lucky to have been rid of you. Please accept a sincere screw you from humans 😂

You forced us to impose unwanted restrictions on the people. You ate many of our loved ones and took many peoples jobs. Tourism and aviation and many other industries were killed by you. Not only the people, you destroyed our beautiful nature, our animals and didn’t show mercy at all. Each month you had a new challenge for the human race but due to the unity and resilience of humans, your were never successful.
Now that you are gone, I am thankful to the Lord that he helped us survive you and hope to not see you or anything like you again 😃

In conclusion, tell you brother 2021 that be a good boy and tell him how not to take us for granted

your sincerely

A fed up human 😀

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Written by   90
2 months ago
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Yes 2020 was so bad. I lost so many things and learned a lot of things. I pray May this new year 2021 brings a lot of happiness and prosperity in life. And I pray May this virus finish soon.

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2 months ago