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What is virtual reality universe?

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4 months ago

Hello dear friends hope your week is not stressful like mine😁.

Someone asked me about virtual reality universe, and I would love to share a little about what I know on this subject.

Virtual reality will revolutionize the way we experience everything from entertainment to introspection. Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment around us, manipulating our senses in ways that we sense are real. There are endless possibilities to use VR, from educating and entertaining, to entertaining and teaching others ... Virtual reality allows for real life experiences to be brought into the digital world. With this technology filtering through all aspects of our lives, there is no telling what we as humans can accomplish.

The Virtual reality (VR) also provides an immersive experience in a 360-degree, three-dimensional environment. It uses the same technologies as augmented reality (AR), but to enable the user to interact with and manipulate the VR environment. VR is capable of creating realistic images, environments and objects, it can be used to display other things that are not necessarily realistic, such as abstract objects or enemies for a shooter game. For example, a designer can use VR to view a mockup of a building as if standing on the completed structure. The military uses VR to put soldiers through realistic training exercises with simulations such as burning buildings and firing weapons at enemies.

Not only could you watch a 3-D movie with your friends from across the country in a virtual movie theater, but in the very near future you could also be safely flying an airplane or performing brain surgery.

So the world of virtual reality universe is immense, and that's were we are heading.

Hope you enjoyed my little explanation.
Have a wonderful day ahead ahead.

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