The best and proof way to earn legit cryptocurrency + Comprehensive guide. Buzzin Wallet Update!

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Buzzin is an infinite bounty hunt, where new tasks and new rewards are added every day!
We list tasks and rewards for many companies right here in one place, and new ones are added all the time. So, you’ll always have someone new to discover, and something new to win!

Buzzin Wallet Update!

High gas prices have made token delivery especially challenging lately.

This is why we've been working on the upcoming Buzzin Wallet.

We want to create ways for you to hold, trade, and manage your tokens in an off-chain, gas free manner.

Buzzin Wallet will support sending from Buzzin Wallet to Buzzin Wallet, trading tokens for other tokens within Buzzin Wallet, staking tokens, and yield farming.

We tried to build all of this at once and release it to you, but it turns out it's quite a bit of work.

So, we're going to release the simplest possible version soon, and then release new features progressively over the next month or two.

The first phase will support delivery of tokens directly to Buzzin Wallet when you claim tokens at the end of and @BuzzinBot campaigns. Additionally, you will be able to send tokens to other Buzzin Wallet members and withdraw them to your traditional wallets, if you choose to do so.

You will still be able to withdraw your tokens directly to your traditional wallets at the end of campaigns too. But this will give you a way to get your hands on tokens ASAP, and we will soon support a full suite of features, so you can do good things with your tokens off of the Ethereum blockchain, avoiding large GAS fees.

We will notify you when Buzzin Wallet launches officially.


Rewards:🎁 More then 35 kinds of tokens & $1 in ETH + receive a 25% point bonus every time someone you refer completes a task.🎁  

How it works:

1. Join to the Buzzin Campaign here

2. Do different social media tasks and earn points then convert* them to the tokens

*POINT VERIFICATION SCHEDULE: Regular points are verified at the beginning of every month, and then they can be exchanged for tokens.

4. After verification of points click "CONVERT POINTS TO TOKENS" button

5. Choose token pool and click "Exchange" button

 6. Enter neccesary amount of points, enter you wallet address and click "REQUEST TOKENS" button

 7. Example: sent amount of ETH (1) to the to the following address (2) - you can chose TRX or LTC either DOGE!


9. To be verified participant you should complete 5 require tasks in the bottom of the main page! 


1. If you see the next text below token pool "Tokens will be sent after the completion of the @BuzzinBot campaign." - this is telegram bot - you can earn more tokens by performing the same tasks in telegram bot (the same price of withdraw as in main project)

2. To withdraw your chosen tokens Buzzin requires that you send a small amount of ETH, TRX, LTC or DOGE for two reasons:

a) Telegram is full of bots. It's very easy and cheap for an honest participant to send the above transaction once. But it's very hard and expensive for someone with a bot army to send this transaction 1000 times.

b) Because cheaters will not withdraw tokens, less dumping will occur on exchanges. This means your tokens will be worth more and you won't be hurt by cheaters. 

The following token pools have been provided by our partners. You can choose which tokens you want. Token pools have fixed sizes, so they will run out. However, we will add additional tokens throughout the next two weeks even if they run out. You may also hold your points and wait for future token pools to open or for more tokens to be added to existing token pools.

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