🚀 Soviet Finance Airdrop. Reward: 100 hSOV (0,01 ETH) 💰

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❗️ Already Listed on Uniswap Exchange (hSOV-ETH Pair)


💰 100 hSOV

👇🏻Click here to join Airdrop👇🏻

Soviet Finance Airdrop Link

⚠️Step by Step Guide:

1. Open Airdrop Link With Dapp Browser (MetaMask or Trustwallet either any Dapp browser)

2. Click Unlock Wallet

3. Connect Your Wallet

4. Share Your Referral Link for Extra HSOV



Then you are eligible for claiming a ration of 400 hSOV tokens (h stands for Hope). The hSOV can be used to stake and farm $SOVIET, accounting for 6% of block reward. You can refer a comrade via a referral link(only the first confirmation counts) so both you and your comrade can get an extra 100 hSOV. A total 10mil hSOV is available for claims.

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