New strong & verified Faucet. You can earn 20 kinds of crypto

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💰 Reward: DOGE, TRX, LTC, BTC, ETH, ZEC, ZEN & 13 others

⚠️Step by Step Guide:

Claim Daily coins & exchange them to the crypto:

Register on the website

- verify email address


❗️ Ways of earning ❗️

1. In the Faucet the claiming interval is 40 minutes, and there is a daily bonus claim!

2. PTC Ads

PTC ads (Pay to click) are websites you have to visit for up to 40 secs to earn a reward. 

These tasks take up a little more time (to 40 sec) but earn you more coins than a normal claim. 

You can only complete PTC ads when they are available, but they come up really often.

3. Shortlink

These are links you have to click, which bring you to another website with ads.

Here you will have to wait a few seconds and then you can continue, after a few clicks you are done.

These type of links will have a lot of pop-ups and spam ads and I do not think they are worth the reward.

4. Increase your Level system

For every task you complete you earn a bit of Exp, with every level you get, you will earn a little bit more.

This is not very much, but stacks up over time.

5. Offerwalls (Unlock only at level 20)

Offerwalls are nice way to earn a lot of Coins by answering some questions, viewing sites, registering on service and downloading apps.

6. Achievements

This task is a bonus / extra task, you need to complete other tasks to get some good bonus by unlocking daily and weekly achievements!

📝 Withdrawal

You can withdraw to a wide variety of coins, and you pay no fees for most of them.

Withdrawing is quick and easy, with a minimum of 500 coins.

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