💰 Earn INSTAR by passing various paid surveys

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📃 About Insights Network

 INSTAR is the native cryptocurrency token developed by the Insights Network team that powers the INSTAR Blockchain.

 Instar Blockchain is a fully operational, decentralized delegated proof of stake blockchain that uses EOS open source software and sMPC technology for data exchange. INSTAR tokens can reportedly be used to fuel market research requests such as surveys, access research reports, and more on www.instars.com. “Staking for SaaS” provides free access to enterprise grade survey software powered with cryptocurrency micropayments.

 Individuals can earn cryptocurrency by participating in consensual data exchange on the Instars platform. Only broad demographic details are exchanged instead of full personal details.

✅ Already listed on CoinMarketCap & Coingecko

❗️ The primary goal INSTAR is to enable mutually beneficial data exchange between between individuals and organizations within Insights Network.

⚠️Step by Step Guide:

Join to the Instars
1. Do Simple 2-KYC on registration, document photo only.

2. Predict at least 3 subjects to earn tokens, “Activities” (Required).


PAID Experience
Click tap "Activities" -> "Paid Experiences" -> "Start" then Select Category

Capture a picture of your receipt from within the past 24 hours at any of the featured locations and leave quick feedback about your experience.

PAID Survey

Sometimes you can do PAID Surveys - tap "Activities" -> "Paid Surveys" & earn INSTAR tokens! Example below:

You can withdraw you earned INSTAR direct to the Bibox.com (exchange)!

On the Instar website:
- Click tap "Wallet" choose "Instar" then click "Transfer" > enter amount then Instar address & Instar MEMO -> click "Continue" > Enter OTP code (you will receive an email with OTP)

On the Exchange:

- Click tap "Funds" > "My Wallets" > choose "Instar" & click "Deposit" > Copy address MEMO and use this data on the Instar website

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