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3 years ago

CryptoAds Marketplace describes itself as a decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on Ethereum Blockchain. The platform aims to provide transparent and secure solutions for brands, digital advertisers, marketers, content publishers, and consumers.

CryptoAds Marketplace aims to give to advertisers an opportunity to place a variety of ad units (native video, live-casting ads, 360 ads, “in the round”, vertical video, in-app, and walls) at an unlimited number of traffic sources.

Already listed on Coinmarketcap Coingecko


💰 165 CRAD ~ $1

👥 25 CRAD per referral

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⚠️Step by Step Guide:

1. Join Telegram Group (20 CRAD)

2. Follow Twitter (30 CRAD) & Like a Tweet (30 CRAD)

3. Follow on Facebook (30 CRAD)

4. Follow on LinkedIn (25 CRAD)

5. Chat with Tip Bot (30 CRAD)*

* This is where you will receive your tokens.



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