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Crypto trading is currently one of the trending way to earn money from home on Internet. Much people are very interested in this activity but don’t have time or knowledge needed to be a crypto trader. So today you will learn how to make money from crypto trading even if you are not familiar with that.


Kryll is a French startup that permits to everyone to create his own automated strategies or use strategies from other creators. As they say on their website, “Don’t trade your life away” . By this they mean that you will have the time to do what you like instead of looking every time your screens watching crypto graphics. You are maybe wondering now how it works ? Let’s talk about that.


With kryll.io we can create strategies, use created strategies and automated trading features. When a creator creates a strategy, he publish it on the kryll marketplace and then users can use his strategy and pay with KRL, their cryptocurrency. To create a strategy it’s not needed to be an expert or a coder. It’s made with a drag an drop system. And using a strategy is also easy and is well explained on their website. Additionally, their Smart trading offers automated features like stop loss, trailing stops and take profits in crypto trading. The running strategies and their results can be watched on the Kryll mobile app.


Strategies available on Kryll are various and use many cryptos. Even if you don’t want your crypto to be traded you can use a long term holding strategy. This kind of strategies can make you profit from market bulls but not be affected by bear markets . For example with a strategy using BTC/USDT you can earn from BTC price grow. And when the market will start falling, the strategy will sell all your BTC and keep your money value safe in USDT.  Moreover there are strategies that makes about 40% per month. So be ready to make good profit ! 

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Their strategies and smart trading can be currently used on exchanges like Binance, Binance US, Bittrex, KuCoin and Liquid. The next exchanges to be added are Poloniex, Gdax, HitBTC and Bitstamp. The connection between Kryll and your account is very easy to set. To use Kryll features on your account, you just have to deposit crypto on your exchange account an generate your account API and add it on your Kryll account. And then the magic can go on !

On kryll.io the community is very important. For this, new features are voted by users. . Community can also propose new features that will be voted by others members. Their support is available on their website and social media. They can help you to learn, use or create your own strategy for using, publishing or both. So you can easily make money there by using strategies or creating them. And this is great !


After using this platform, testing strategies and understanding their vision, I can tell that this is one the best platforms in automated crypto trading domain, even if they are relatively new. They make everything easy to use and help everyone to make money and save the time that would be used for trading.


Create your Kryll account with this link and get 30% bonus on your two first using weeks !


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I'd advise everyone to stay away from day trading:

If success is defined as just being negligibly profitable (for at least a couple months) the success rate [in day trading] is about 6% to 8%. ... Only 14 (women and men, including myself) moved on to become regular traders, producing consistent profits for at least several years. That’s about a 3.5% to 4.5% success rate. https://vantagepointtrading.com/whats-the-day-trading-success-rate-the-thorough-answer/

In other words: At least 92% day traders lose money, 3% breaking even and only 3-4% are making money.

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4 months ago

Human traders are not the same that automated traders. And it also depends on the trading domain. For example forex and crypto aren't traded the same way. So I think the best way is to learn and try with backtests and demo accounts. Maybe you will be in the 3 - 4% :)

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4 months ago
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