The year of DeFi

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Decentralized Finance as an industry is still in its infancy and there are many innovations on the horizon that will further increase accessibility and variability.

All this allows us to be an expanding field that allows us to adopt these new technologies

Tranche lending or tranche lending products

Although interest rates in DeFi change constantly, and its volatility prevents people and institutions seeking predictable returns and stable enter the space, the spans emerged as a solution. Tranche lending exemplifies how integrable all of these innovations are, and the teams behind these systems built an entirely new product in addition to the existing lending protocols. This is not without risk, the report noted, as the failure of an underlying protocol presents a systemic risk for products that interact with it, as well as this highly complex work of structuring products by non-financial experts.


HighChallenges and Solutions

FeeDoing things in DeFi carries steep fees. In general, the Ethereum blockchain has been plagued with high fees, exasperated by the increasing popularity of DeFi projects. With the development of these new ecosystems in which the use of the ethereum network is not necessary, it is necessary to understand where we can go and how this decentralization can affect


The use of different tokens in blockchain platforms makes interconnectivity between the current dapps that allow greater ease for the final consumer

The rise of DEXDEX

Theconcept is not new, the first related projects were born in 2013.

Its implementation took a lot of strength from services such as Uniswap (currently the DEX with higher liquidity).

We are faced with limitations:

Lack of trading tools (chart with Japanese candles, orderbook, limit orders, market, etc.).

Impossibility of making exchanges between tokens belonging to different networks

Fortunately, there is good news.

The DeFi fever that has occurred this year has contributed a lot to the adoption of DEX.

If this current trend continues, we can expect the creation of new ecosystems that facilitate user operability.


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