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How to earn LAW daily with your CST

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4 months ago

Yesterday, I discovered that someone created a Civil Beam farm for CST on BlockNG where you can stake your LAW-CST liquidity provider (LP) token and earn LAW daily.

This anonymous community member did something exceptional because creating a Beam or farm on BlockNG is neither free nor cheap.

It costs almost $1000 to create one, so whoever created it for CST did all of us a great favour which we're grateful for.

Now that the farm is live, in this post, I will be sharing with you how to earn LAW tokens daily by staking your LAW-CST LP token there.

Furthermore, I will be showing you how we can maximise the amount of LAW allocation the LAW-CST farm gets daily by upvoting it with your LAW Rights.

There're 3 simple steps to go through for these, so let's dive in.

1. Provide liquidity into the LAW-CST pool on LawSwap

Go to the LawSwap liquidity page and supply LAW and CST into the liquidity pool.

You'll see your share of the pool as shown above. The more LAW and CST you add to the pool the greater your share of the daily LAW rewards.

Once you're satisfied with what you see, click the Supply button and confirm the transaction.

2. Stake your LAW-CST LP token on the farm

Now, go to the KUDOS page and stake your LAW-CST LP token. You need to scroll down until you find the pool, then click on it.

You'll see the pool details as shown below.

Click the MAX button to deposit all LAW-CST LP tokens or enter a specific amount if you wish to stake or deposit only a portion.

Once you've entered the amount of LP token you want to deposit, click the DEPOSIT button and confirm to approve the transaction.

Now you can sit back, and enjoy your daily LAW rewards which you can claim and withdraw whenever you like.

3. Maximise your daily LAW rewards by upvoting the LAW-CST pool with your LAW Rights

The total daily rewards for all Civil Beam farms on BlockNG is 7,692 LAW. And the amount each of the Civil Beam farms gets is based on how many votes they receive.

So if a farm gets 10% of the votes, it'll receive an allocation of 769.2 LAW daily, and if it gets 1%, it'll be allocated 76.92 LAW daily, etc.

Therefore, the more votes the LAW-CST farm receives, the bigger our allocation of the daily LAW rewards.

You may be new to all this, so let's go through the details of how to get LAW Rights and upvoting the LAW-CST Civil Beam farm.

3.1 How to get LAW Rights

To get LAW Rights and be able to vote, you need to lock up LAW tokens for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, or 4 years.

The longer you lock your LAW tokens, the more voting power ( veLAW) you receive and the greater your influence on the daily LAW rewards allocation to the Civil Beam farms.

As shown on the above screenshot, enter the number of LAW tokens and select how long you want to lock them up. I chose to lock a small test amount of 50 LAW for 4 years to get 50 voting rights.

Once done, click the CREATE PERSONA button and confirm the transaction to mint your LAW Rights NFT.

If this is your first time, you'll have to create the CREATE PERSONA button twice. The first will give you a prompt to approve the transaction. And the second will be to mint the LAW Rights NFT.

You can also lock up LawPunks (a BlockNG NFT collection), to create LAW Rights.

However, unless they're of decent level and locked up for a long time they won't get you much voting power.

3.2 How to vote for the LAW-CST Civil Beam farm

Now that you've created your LAW Rights, it's time to go help boost the rewards allocation for the LAW-CST pool by upvoting it.

Stil on the KUDOS page scroll down a little bit and click Please select your PERSONA, then select your LawRights you just created from the drop-down menu as shown below.

This will reveal the voting buttons.

Now, scroll down and look for the LAW-CST LP farm box and enter the percentage of your voting power you want to use to boost it. I used 100%.

Then click the CAST VOTES button.

You will be prompted to confirm the vote transaction with your wallet. Approve the transaction, and you're done.

It'll take a few minutes for your vote to be added to the total votes the farm has received. So, have some patience.


To the user who helped create the BlockNG Civil Beam farm for the community, we all thank you. You're amazing!

Here's what the rest of us can do today to take advantage of this opportunity:

And to help increase the LAW allocation going to the farm you can:

  • Lock up some LAW tokens to get LAWRights for voting.

  • Upvote the LAW-CST farm to boost the daily LAW allocation.

LAW is one of the best tokens on SmartBCH because of its solid use cases and a strong team behind the project.

Combined with CST's ultra-low supply, multiple use cases, and planned regular buybacks, you got yourself a perfect combo.

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Written by   199
4 months ago
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Thanks for the information dear, I will try it out

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4 months ago

Thanks for the information dear, I will try it out

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4 months ago

ok i will try it

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4 months ago