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A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System?

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1 year ago

First thing first, I am new to and fairly new to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general (since Sep 2018). However, since I have been involved in crypto, I have noticed a lot of drama happening between BTC, BCH and BSV. This really caught my attention early on and I ended-up in this rabbit hole of trying to find out really what was going on between the now, three camps (if we can call it that way...)

Since then, I have explored all camps, read social media threads, watched videos, read articles and talked to people in the different communities. This is probably the most intriguing thing in crypto in my opinion. I mean this makes it really difficult for a beginner to navigate and understand what to do when they first get introduced to cryptocurrencies.

Typically, when a new person gets introduced to cryptocurrencies, they are told about bitcoin (BTC), and usually, based on the "BTC lobby" (i.e. Crypto Twitter), they will adhere to the "Buy bitcoin, hodl etc..." rhetoric and go blindly that way before doing any further research. Don't get me wrong, I was probably victim of that too.

However, like I said before, the ongoing Bitcoin debate is probably the most intriguing one out there. So now, which one stands the best chance to truly represent the whitepaper of Satoshi Nakamoto? I mean it is really difficult to tell when asking any of the communities at any given time as they are all claiming it. Some will bash more than others, and for the most part, that is probably unfortunate .

Now, this debate is now resurfacing as two halvings have occurred and the BTC one coming up soon. Here is what I found about each communities, expressed in keywords. (long story, short)

Bitcoin Core

Blockstrem, Segwit, Lightning Network, 1Mb block, "Store of value", "Digital gold", "Hodl", Pompliano

Bitcoin Cash

Peer-to-Peer electronic cash for the world, 8Mb block, Roger Ver, New privacy features (cash fusion),

Bitcoin SV

I like big blocks and I cannot lie, Craig Wright, Twetch, Coingeek, Calvin Ayre, No cap blocks (determined by miners if I understand well), Tons of Patents (Nchain)

So now, with this hash rate war, transactions and fees? What would you tell someone new to crypto, neutral or undecided as to which one to focus on? Would it be based on what you believe in? Your expectation out of crypto? (digital currency vs. moon & lambos?)

I usually try to be as neutral as possible, however, I tend to lean on the utility side of things which tends NOT to be BTC. Since this community is more about BCH, why is is better than BSV, or in what ways is it better situated to become a digital currency?

Hoping to get some feedback and generate some discussion with this one! Thanks

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Written by   5
1 year ago
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In all perspectives, BCH is the most reliable, friendly and economical among the three coins. You can check facts and figures in articles, forums and communities where the importance of BCH over others are highlighted.

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1 year ago