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Here on i would love to go by name CryptoPriceExplorers🤓. I have heard alot about and wow, i decided to check it out today.

My Life

I once interviewed a medical student who loves to write. He won a literary prize for his novels and essays. You can see his poems in some poetry journals. During the interview, his friends told me half-jokingly that he could be a literary youth even in three-on-three bullfighting on the basketball court. He would start reading poems after a short break and continue playing basketball after he finished reading. This friend who will be a doctor in the future told me that when he was admitted to college, he struggled for a long time between the Department of Literature and the Department of Medicine. His parents and teachers persuaded him: "Why can I go to medical school to study literature?" He also felt that he was studying literature. The future of the novel is unknown, and finally chooses to go to the doctor's path, while trying to find time to continue literary creation.

And it goes on.........

Occasionally I meet some friends who are passionate about writing, or those who have been creating for a while and are very talented, want to ask: "Can I be a writer?" or "I really want to be a writer, Regarding how much money can be made as an author and how to get publishing opportunities for one's own creation... These questions have been answered by predecessors (people who are interested can google, which will be very useful). This article just wants to put forward another perspective: In writing, there is nothing like "Hey, you can write well, you can become a writer in the future" or "I want to be a writer, how can I become a writer", because most writers It is not "want to be", but "have to" go this way .

First of all, I'm just an ordinary writer. I have neither written earth-shattering works nor a person on the road of literary creation. I am just a person who makes life in the field of writing by writing articles (and other surrounding abilities). The following observations come from industry experience and many talented friends around me, hoping to resolve everyone’s doubts about "being a writer".

What exactly is a "writer"?

"Can I be a writer? Can I make a living as a writer?" Facing such a question, we must first define: "What is a writer?"

If distinguished by the type of writing, authors who write inspirational, healthy and slim, sexual emotions, and workplace mentality works often sell more books than literary creations, and may earn more royalties than novelists. However, the same is writing. Many people have the attitude of "looking down on spiritual inspiration and health preservation." They always think that literary authors are relatively noble. There are a bunch of bad inspirational sentences, not to mention all kinds of incredible weight loss rules.

However, most of the sales that support the reading market do not come from literary novels, but from the needs of inspirational and professional life. After all, when we encounter difficulties in life and want to seek professional solutions, we may buy books more often than we want to read novels. Reading novels may be a joy of life, but spiritual inspiration and career skills can solve some people's life problems.

Is a writer who writes an inspirational book a writer? Do you write about the workplace, about weight loss, or about both sexes? If they can feed themselves on royalties, but literary creation is not good, what is the definition of a writer?

If this question is difficult to answer, or if you think it’s good to only discuss literary creation, then you have to face the difficulty of defining quantity: Is a book a writer counted? Is it counted as three or thirty? Or is it strictly necessary to earn a living with royalties (but deduct the royalties for spiritual inspiration)?

In my place, there are very few literary authors who can make a living by publishing books. If they only talk about pure literature, they are even rarer. Even Mr. Sally Tom, who can sell the copyright of novels overseas, has a full-time job as a university professor. I know friends who have published novels. Many of them work hard as editors, reporters, screenwriters and even salesmen. Maintain creation. If you can write novels to survive, I believe many writers are willing to quit their jobs, but the reality is difficult.

In the end, many writers are struggling to survive between "publishing the first book" and "reliance on royalties." Maybe they are writing while working, or working for a period of time to make money, and leaving the job for a period of time to write. Those who publish books do not necessarily think that they are writers, and those who are writers do not necessarily live by publishing books.

If you aim to "publish a book", as long as you like to write and continue to write, you may not have no chance (it should be said that there is actually a great opportunity, the reading demand of the public is more than you think), but if you want to "make a living by writing" , Then the problem will enter the next level.

In addition to writing, there are many things worth doing

The reason why I wrote at the beginning: It is not "want to be" a writer, but a person who "had to" go down this road, and finally found out that he became a writer, because in my place now, it is difficult to make a living by writing, and to make a profit by publishing books. There is no money, so talented people may not be able to "can" be writers-the "can" here does not refer to writing ability, but the ability of living conditions.

Talented people cannot become writers. Perhaps they are under the pressure of real life and cannot survive the days before becoming famous. They need to do lucrative jobs; or in another way, they choose to take writing as an amateur interest and pursue other occupations in exchange for better life. Since he is a talented person, he can also shine in other fields, and he does not necessarily need to embark on a creative journey.

So in the end, those who really continue to write and write all the time have to write, really have to write, and want to write things out of their hearts. Such people have to embark on the road of writing.

If you are also the kind of person who has to write and will be sad if you don't write, you will have to face another problem next when you step into the path of no return.

Treat life as creation, live out your own position

If no one sees the work, writing is meaningless. Therefore, being a writer is the same as other professions. You have to establish a personal brand to make others think of you in a certain field. Whether you write martial arts or science fiction, pure love or reasoning, career or gender, your writing style and other How are people different?

I joked that the writer’s line is basically the same as the comedy artist, with a distinct positioning. For example, in the funny world, some people are responsible for complaining, some are responsible for pretending to be stupid, some are specializing in skits, some are specializing in vicious tongue, some are specialized in booing, some take the disgusting route, some take the disgusting route, and some take the warm route. In short, there must be a clear role. Otherwise no one will remember. Before you stop writing, you must think about what you want to write, what you should write, and what you can write. Is there any subject matter that others don’t care about, but you have to write? Is there something that only you will try and no one else will do it?

If there is anything interesting about writing, it may be that through this kind of exploration, every writer can live a different life!

If you are not as talented as me, you can also do writing work🤔🤔

At the end of the article, let's talk about my own example. Because I know too many talented friends, I know that my mediocrity makes me unable to be on the stage. I have published books, but of course I can’t make a living on royalties, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot survive in the writing field. Just like professional sports, there are star players who can change the outcome of their own efforts, and they also need leafy supporting roles. industry.

Broadly speaking, I live by writing ability. In addition to working hard to spend my time (not writing very well) for creation, I also make money from various projects, such as copywriting advertisements, corporate publications, Internet columns, interview writing, and magazine topics. I have done everything related to text, and even the introduction draft of the winners of the Council of Agriculture Award Ceremony has been written. Of course I am very happy to have the opportunity to publish a book. When publishing a book cannot make money, I will try to think about how to use the power of words to survive in this world.

Writing is not necessary for human life. If doing other work can provide a better life, then talented people may not be engaged in writing. But on the other hand, if you really want to write, love to write, and need to write, people who are not so talented may not be able to write.

If you have your own definition of "what is a writer", know the external reality, have ideas and stories that you have to say, and have the creative power that you have to say, you can embark on the road of writing at any time. Welcome to that A very challenging world.

My Hobbies🤗🤗

Everyone has their own hobbies, it is good to have hobbies. When you do what you like, you will forget all your worries and all pressures. Otherwise, you will enter another world.

I also have many hobbies; Drawing, Piano, Singing, and of this, Writing is my biggest hobby.

At the time of writing, there were thousands of thoughts in my mind, like turbulent waves surging up. When the true emotions flowed from under my wonderful "magic people", when writing this even moved me; when i read aloud in a soft voice, i was so proud. "Good articles are revised", I believe in this sentence, so i often keep revising and delibrating like Max Anderson.

When a right words suddenly came to mind, i was very excited. I enjoy my work myself. Whenever i read a wonderful sentence in the text, i don't ever believe that it was written by me. In the common saying, it's a past event that i don't believe in my abilities. I reproduce the brilliance in my own pen, as if it was yesterday,which is endless.

I often imagine what i will look like when i grow older😁. When i return to reading the compilation i write when i was a child, maybe i will feel naive.

Your hobbies will bring you happiness. The happiest thing in a persons life is nothing more that his favorite thing!


My stay here @ will be of advantage to me. As a writer i love places like this but🤔 for now i will be updating us on price analyst of some popular cryptocurrencies.........

It's Roger Ver's birthday today. Join me in my next article as i say few things about him. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Roger Ver....

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I just looked at your profile I can see that you are also new here just like me. Writing is something everyone can do but being a Writer is a skill the people needs to learn for them to actually do. I love this article of yours. It is so full of wisdom!

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2 years ago

Knowledge is definitely the first element of a writer, and expressiveness and ideas mostly come from this.

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2 years ago

Yes! I agree with that. You certainly all have those things. You are a great writer. I wish you all the best.

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2 years ago

Thanks fam

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