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Whether you're in one of the cities that just began their 2nd round of pandemic lockdowns, or just looking for some extra income, this is definitely worth a look. Having chances to work from home has never been more important. 57 million Americans freelance in some sort of capacity, making up 35 percent of the workforce, according to the American Society of Journalists And Authors.

The Latium Freelancing platform is where users can work for crypto & or hire workers and pay them in crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as and over a dozen other top coins. This is how to earn cryptocurrency in 2020 and 2021.

But what really impressed me is the huge amount of options here, anyone can find something that can earn them a little extra.

SO MANY OPTIONS! This is just some of the tasks available now...

At the point projects are posted they are added into categories by the client who posted the task, as you can see there's many different skills in demand here.

These Categories Include:

Usability Testing: Usability projects are focused on hiring users to check new apps, platforms, games, etc so as to realize feedback on the usability of their product.

Marketing: Typically social media based actions like follow, share, like, etc. Some watch ads for crypto, watch videos for bitcoin.

Surveys & Opinions: Answer questions, get paid for it.

Digital Marketing: These projects are normally centered around social media follows, shares, reviews, earn crypto for signing up, etc. There are always a wide range of projects. 

App Reviewer: Install an app then rate and review them

Graphic & Image Design: Experienced designers will find many options here

Programming & Tech: These projects are trying to find Freelancers who have experience in Software Development.

Writing & Translation: These projects are trying to find Freelancers with experience in writing and/or editing, translating documents between multiple languages, and lots of other skills.

Video & Animation: These Employers are looking to seek out Freelancers to help in projects focused on Videos and Animations. If you've got experience in these fields this is often the place for you.

Audio & Music: Here you'll find projects looking to possess voiceovers, sound effects, music, and lots of other audio-centric contracts.

Other:  Everything else!

Like I said, something for everybody! It should be easy for anyone to find a gig that lets them earn a little extra income.

Do The Task, Collect Your Crypto...

To mark a task complete you want to complete all instructions from the employer and submit any required proof. Once that's all completed you merely select the “Submit For Review” button.

Latium Earnings Payment

This will notify the Employer that you simply have completed the project and it's ready for them to review. Once they need reviewed they're going to release payment if they're proud of your project, or they'll send it back for more work.

It's Easy To Begin...

Once you sign up free, complete a biography to let employers and fellow freelancers get to know you a little better. After creating a bio, you will next be able to add some skills that you currently have. You must add at least one skill, but can add several as you see fit.

Then you're ready to browse and select jobs and get to work.

Register now to land your first gig in minutes!

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Wow.. This is such a good platform to do freelancing while earning crypto... Thanks i will register later..btw, is that your proof of payment?

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3 years ago

Yes but keep in mind it includes some money I deposited myself because I posted some jobs as well! But they do pay as promised.

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3 years ago

Really.. I'll give it a try

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3 years ago

That's good, I've learnt something

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3 years ago


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User's avatar Win
3 years ago

Excellent writing i learned a lot

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3 years ago

Freelance through crypto payment is getting popular and I believe that such platforms will attract attention of many freelancer all around the world

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3 years ago